ICBC Claims for Bicycle Accidents


Bicycle accidents often occur because drivers don’t share the road or respect the rights of cyclists. In British Columbia, both cyclist and vehicle must obey the rules of the road. This can be challenging as a bike operates differently than a car and many of our roads are not designed for sharing with cyclists. Although the implementation of segregated bike lanes in Vancouver, Surrey and other cities in the lower mainland should increase bike safety, that is not always the case. Some of the common reasons for bike accidents include:

  • Distracted drivers
  • Drivers who fail to yield
  • Drivers who do not obey traffic signals
  • Confusing street signals for bike and motor lanes
  • Drivers who are speeding
  • Drivers who do not recognize the rights of a bicyclist
  • Cars turning right across a bike lane
  • Failure to check mirrors and shoulder check
  • Cars pulling out of alleyways or driveways
  • Drivers opening car doors without looking
  • Drunk drivers
  • Aggressive drivers who engage in unsafe passing or other dangerous behaviors
  • Bad weather

It is important to show that the driver of the vehicle was careless or negligent in some way that caused the bicycle crash. And even more important is to prove the cyclist was not at fault. The Klein Lawyers personal injury lawyers have experience in handling difficult and complicated bicycle claims. We will help you gather the proof you need to show that the accident was the driver’s fault. With this proof, we can file a claim to recover damages for injuries.

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