Vancouver Shoulder Injury Lawyers

man with shoulder injury

An injured shoulder can become a difficult and persistent problem for victims of a car crash. The important functions carried out by your shoulders require the ball and socket joints to rely on healthy muscles and tendons. If these areas are damaged, pain may only be the first problem you are forced to endure.

The shoulder is the most mobile and flexible joint in the human body. We all depend upon our shoulders for a very important reason: the shoulder joint allows us to control the movement of our arms. A healthy shoulder provides the balance between mobility and stability.

The force of a car crash can cause a range of injuries to your shoulders. Dislocations and separations are common and deterioration in the long-term is known to follow. The shoulder is damaged if a tear or partial tear happens to the rotator cuff, a group of four muscles which work together to control the arm and shoulder. The rotator cuff controls how the arm is rotated internally and externally, as well as how it is moved upward and downward. Tendons are situated at the end of each muscle and attach to the bone. When tissue is torn, pain and weakness often follow. Many torn rotator cuffs are the result of overuse, but direct impact to the shoulder can result in a traumatic tear. Depending on severity, a person suffering from this injury will need to undergo physical therapy and perhaps surgery.

A shoulder can be separated if struck at the top, which in turn causes a tearing of the ligament that connects to the collarbone. Similar to other injuries of sprain or strain, the degree of damage and pain is proportionate to the extent of the tear. If the ball of the socket joint pops out of place, you have suffered a dislocated shoulder. A feature of this injury is immediate disability, a situation that requires proper relocation by a doctor rather than by an anxious patient. Improper handling at this time can cause further damage to the nerves and neighbouring tissue and could also harm the flow of blood to the area. Though broken bones and dislocations require casts or slings for a short period of time, a separated shoulder can be an ongoing source of pain and disability.

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