Aboriginal Sixties Scoop Class Action

Aboriginal Totem Pole

This class action lawsuit has been filed against the Government of Canada. The lawsuit alleges that between 1958 and 1996, Canada negligently delegated Indian child welfare services to the Province of British Columbia. Ignoring its obligations to Aboriginal children, Canada took no steps to prevent them from losing their Aboriginal identity and the opportunity to exercise their Aboriginal and treaty rights when they were placed in foster homes and adopted by non-Aboriginals.

The plaintiff, a status Indian, was taken from her parents and placed in foster care when she was a young girl. She is bringing this lawsuit on her own behalf and on behalf of status Indians who were living in British Columbia and placed in foster care or adopted between 1958 and 1996.

If you are a status Indian who was placed in foster care or adopted between 1958 and 1996, please complete the Do You Qualify? form or Contact Us for more information.


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