Warning: Car & Bicycle Accidents in BC Peak In Summer


With summer in full swing, Vancouverites and those in the Lower Mainland have a renewed interest in cycling to work or activities. The drier warmer weather is also a catalyst for more people to get outside. With the increase in pedestrians, cyclist, skateboarders and other 2-4 small-wheeled transportation modes, everyone needs to share the roads this summer. It is a fact that car  and bicycle accidents peak in summer months in BC.On average, 630 cyclists are injured and four killed from May to October in the Lower Mainland.

Reduce Car & Bike  Accidents by Route Planning

There is always an uneasy co-existence in Metro Vancouver between cars and bicyclists.   We can understand the frustration of drivers as traffic comes to a standstill because of cyclists who do not follow the rules of the road. To help keep the frustration levels down, one thing cyclists can do is pre-plan their routes to ensure maximum use of bike lanes, bikes paths and traffic-calmed areas or bike friendly roads.

To help with safe cycle planning, Google maps now have a bicycling option on the Getting Around tool bar. Click on ‘Bicycling’ and you will get a local map of your area showing:

bicycle maps

Bicycle Route Planning for Vancouver

For drivers, it is always best to yield the right of way to a bicycle, as courtesy is one of the best driving skills we can practice.

ICBC has a great tip sheet for both cyclists and drivers. Take a moment to review and ensure everyone is doing their part to keep car accidents to a minimum in BC this summer.

If you are a pedestrian or cyclist and have been injured due to a car accident, contact  Klein Lawyers car accident lawyers for a free consultation.


bike map

Bicycle Map for Vancouver

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