Deadly, Spooky Car Accidents In Vancouver


My family has the privilege of trick or treating in our friends east side neighborhood in Vancouver. The community really makes the occasion special by decorating their houses, dressing up to give out candy and to stage the neighborhood with some very deadly  and spooky car accidents.  spooky car accidents

Up on the green boulevard, right up against the tree is a SUV complete with a skeleton for a driver, and a dead body underneath the front wheels. It is a fantastic prop and always scares my kids. It scares me to, but for different reasons. It is not so far a leap from prop to real when it comes to motor vehicle accidents on Halloween, or any other rainy fall night.

My wish where there are loads of little goblins, zombies and Wonder women – seeking the holy grail of candy – is for cars to park between the hours of 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm. The hood that we visit is teaming with youngsters, teenagers and parent chaperones. Everyone is coming and going and crossing streets randomly for the candy hunt. But this proves to be a dangerous mix for a driver trying to navigate small, narrow streets that are festooned with trees, props, and kids.

We encourage everyone to try to park their cars, walk in groups, wear reflective clothing and look out for drivers who may not see you. It is both the responsibility of the pedestrian and the drivers to not scare the pants off each other on Halloween night. Happy Halloween, drive safe, walk responsibly and don’t cause a car accident.

Safety tips for trick-or-treaters:

• Wear reflective clothing,
• Carry a flashlight – even if you turn it on and dump it in your treat bag
• Stay on the sidewalk and cross at corners, do not zigzag across the road
• Stay in groups and make sure your partner is with you at all times
• Watch out for cars, don’t assume they can see you
• Walk against the flow of traffic if you have to

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