Designated Texter?


I read a great article today about the ‘designated texter’ from Mike Goertz over at Metro News in his column Auto Pilot. He reports that at they actually use the term “designated texter”. Really?

For anyone over 35 this might seem a bit weird. Even Mike throws a few good punches at the whole concept, but on the other hand, if you’re under 35, being unconnected for even short amounts of time can feel like there is a lack of oxygen on the planet.

More and more stats are showing that younger people are postponing getting a drivers license, buying less cars, buying cars later in life, and driving less. We can all think there might be some truism in this, but is it because they can’t text and drive?

The most startling information from Mike’s article is that according to John Voelcker of Green Car Reports, after a GM engineering executive told him of a survey by GM on young people on the issue of distracted driving: it became loud and clear that it was not the device that was distracting the driver. Instead, it was the driving that was distracting the driver from texting.

If you look at it from that perspective – bring on the designated texter!

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