Could Distracted Driving Be Eliminated With The Introduction Of ICBC Penalty Points?

Distracted Driving Safety Campaign, Vancouver, BC

On September 5, 2013 ICBC together with the provincial government, BC police and road safety partners hosted a distracted driving campaign in Vancouver to boost the awareness of keeping your mind on the road, and leaving distracted driving in the dust.

The message was loud and clear from Jamie Graham, Chief of Victoria Police Department. The police are frustrated by the widespread flouting of existing laws forbidding the use of cell phones in cars. Mark Lyons, who attended the event reports, “the police want stiffer fines and are stepping up enforcement. They are even urging the public to be involved. If you see people texting or on their cell phone, the police are asking the public to take pictures of the driver and the license plate – the police are prepared to lay charges.”

It is apparent that the fines are not enough to curtail people’s addiction to their devices. According to the Chief Constable the police are looking for increased sanctions and have proposed cell phone seizure, higher fines and penalty points for legislative changes.

Since the new cell phone law was enacted in 2012, over 142,000 tickets have been issued in British Columbia. But that has not curtailed the 25% of road accidents that are caused by distracted driving.

Allan Lamb, Director of Road Safety of the Justice Institute of British Columbia is also behind the campaign and educating drivers. In an interview with the CBC Radio he explains that real life stories help change behavior. We just need to put this in perspective, 28 people die in road crashes on BC roads. People need to be part of the solution.

According to Jill Blacklock, Road Safety Manager of ICBC we will see enhanced enforcements throughout the province of BC with police and community groups doing cell watch and encouraging people to change their behavior.

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