Drinking And Driving Is Devastating. Even On A John Deere Lawn Tractor Mower

Photo courtesy of: John Deere

A couple of years ago, there was a Mad Men episode that was darkly humorous. At an office party, Lois takes the in-house John Deere tractor mower for a spin, loses control, and runs over MacKendrick’s foot, causing a bloodbath and worse.

Prior to the incident, everyone in the office was celebrating and drinking alcohol (what episode of Mad Men is there no alcohol?). For Mad Men fans this was a classic scene never to be forgotten. Unexpected, edgy, and fiercely entertaining. But there’s also a point that stands out in the driving world. Drinking and driving affects every one of us and can happen in an instance. Lois will always have to live with that moment of disfiguring another human and losing her job. MacKendrick will never walk the same again and gets sent back to London, losing his opportunity to climb the corporate ladder.

During the week of October 24th, Mark Lyons and I participated in the MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) Canada Multimedia Damages presentation to more than 600 high school students at John Oliver and Templeton Secondary Schools’ in Vancouver. “Our message is simple: drinking affects everyone, even if you are not the one drinking. We can only continue to communicate to young drivers not to drink and drive. The results are devastating, not only to the victims but to the person who causes the mayhem and survives. Everyone is impacted: friendships are destroyed, and families ripped apart. The real life stories are heart-breaking and can never be undone,” reports Mark.

Take the pledge to stay sober, make alternative transportation arrangements, have a designated driver, take a cab, or sleep over. Call 911 if an intoxicated friend gets behind the wheel. Take the pledge to call your parents if you have had too much to drink and promise them you will make it home after the party.

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