Driving Yourself To Hurried Sickness


I read a great blog the other day by Mark Powers about “Hurried Sickness”. It really got me thinking, “In our North American Society, do we have a pandemic of Hurried Sickness?” Do you personally suffer from this ailment?

In our quest to get the to-do list done, and in a culture of “do more with less”, do we pack too many activities in a day? Hurried sickness is leaving the report to the last minute, leaving the home or office at the last minute and perpetually running a little behind the eight ball. When we operate like this, we are in flight mode, the adrenalin is up and this can lead to risky driving behavior.

When you get in your car do you race to the red light? Do you change lanes frequently trying to pass other cars? Do you take short cuts through alleys? Do you avoid routes with traffic calming devices and speed restrictions? If you do, you have the symptoms of Driving Hurried Sickness!

This year, make a New Years Resolution that can lead to less stress and safer driving. This is one resolution that won’t fail. It won’t cost you anything, it isn’t hard to maintain, and you receive immediate rewards! Take the time to learn to slow down, not just in your car, but also throughout your daily life.

  1. Take a few moments to plan out your day – what is feasible and what can realistically be accomplished.
  2. Leave 5-10 minutes early for your next destination.
  3. Allocate squish time.
  4. In the car, take a few deep breaths before turning on the ignition
  5. Learn to go with the flow – traffic that is. Stay in one lane consistently and keep an even speed.
  6. Pay it forward – learn to be generous on the road to other drivers.

By being proactive with your driving health, you too can get rid of hurried sickness and contribute to safer driving habits.

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