Fly A Red Ribbon – MADD Launches Campaign

David Klein with Dianne Watts and Surrey councilwomen.

David Klein joined Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts, MADD Metro Vancouver President Bob Rorison, RCMP Inspector Ted Emanuels and many emergency service workers to launch the 2010 Project Red Ribbon Campaign.

Yesterday’s launch was the start to MADD’s primary public awareness project that runs from November to January 1 each year to bring awareness to the perils of drunk driving. The campaign with it’s signature red ribbons encourages people to make the commitment to drive sober through the holidays and all year.

“On average there are 10 alcohol related fatalities a month”, reports Inspector Emanuels. These numbers increase during the festive holiday season.

“We see unspeakable crash scenes that are 100% totally preventable”, says Bob Rorison. “There needs to be constant and committed effort to change people’s attitudes and habits.”

The timing of this event comes on the heels of the new drinking and driving laws. Since the inception on September 20th to November 14, some 3000 roadside prohibitions and 2600 impounds have been issued. Since September 21 only 5 related fatalities have occurred. The anecdotal evidence by police and bar and restaurant owners suggest the new law is working. People are drinking a lot less reports one bar owner. Surrey RCMP have committed to 260 hours of roadblock through the upcoming holiday season.

The staff at Klein Lawyers sees the aftermath of drinking of driving. “It is heartbreaking to see people’s lives devastated, careers put on hold, retirement plans depleted, and dreams shattered because of someone’s decision to drink and drive. We are so pleased to be part of this campaign, to educate and get the message out to the public.” says David Klein.

This holiday season and throughout the year the staff at Klein Lawyers encourages you to put on a red ribbon and commit to driving sober. With the festive season approaching plan ahead. Take public transportation, walk, call a cab, designate a driver, call a sober friend, sleep over or call Operation Red Nose. The options are endless and easy to having a safe and merry time. You have the power to make the right decision.

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