Hit And Run

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Hit And Run

We’ve all been carefree teenagers at one point. Where the most important things in life are making the basketball team and ensuring you’re home for curfew. Times have changed a little since we were in high school, as it’s now ‘normal’ that every student has a cellphone or personal tablet. For parents with teens, you’re probably well accustomed to seeing these devices permanently glued to their hands no matter where or what they’re doing.

It’s these types of distractions that are part of the reason why 216 car crashes in school zones happen on average each year in British Columbia, with 95 injuries involving pedestrians and drivers. Both drivers and pedestrians are equally to blame, as 30% are due to distracted drivers while another 30% are due to pedestrian’s error or confusion. Just this past month school zone accidents have occurred.  On September 19, a motorcycle ran into four teens at a Princess Margaret Secondary School in Surrey, BC killing Amarpreet Sivia, a 16-year-old honour-roll student.  And recently, a 14 year old from Surrey was hit by a vehicle and suffered a broken leg while walking to school. The driver quickly fled the scene and still has yet to be found.

When a pedestrian or cyclist is hit by a driver who doesn’t stop at the scene or come forward, this is referred to as a hit and run.  Vancouver car accident lawyers sadly see these types of ICBC car accident claims too often. It is a criminal offense for the operator of a vehicle to fail to stop after a collision and carries a penalty of up to ten years in jail. Where an injury leads to death, it could then carry a life sentence in prison.

Parents are now rallying for photo radar in every school zone, but the responsibility must first be taken upon each of us to stay focused when we’re on the sidewalk or behind the wheel. As ICBC car accident lawyers, we’ve seen many pedestrians who are victims of drivers fleeing the scene, leaving unanswered questions and injustice to their injuries. To ensure you’re not one of them, respect the rules of the road and always stay alert and focused.  Put your phone away, turn your music off, and only cross at marked intersections, because there’s nothing more important than your safety.

If you have been a victim of a hit and run – either in your car or as a pedestrian or cyclist call Klein Lawyers for free advice about your ICBC claim.


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