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spooky car accidents

Drivers Beware: Of Ghost And Goblins

October 29, 2012

There are countless news stories and blogs dedicated to Halloween safety for children who will be out trick or treating. But drivers beware, it is the little rascals that you need to be on the look out for. Halloween is a time to trick or treat, but it can also be a little road of […]

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A Split Second Can Last Forever

April 12, 2012

Alex, the husband of one of my best friends has a saying, “Your life is measured in seconds and inches (ok, should be centimeters, but doesn’t have the same impact). The first time I heard him say that I didn’t really take it to heart, but after participating in many presentations by Drop It And […]

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MADD Canada event

A Mother’s Grief: A Child Lost To A Drunk Driver Never Comes Home

December 19, 2011

November marked a month of remembrance and recognition to victims of drunk and distracted driving. The real life stories are heart breaking and if we all remember these stories whenever we take the wheel, there will be no more distracted or drunk driving. Drop It And Drive hosted a memorial event at Sullivan Heights High […]

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National Pain Awareness Week

Accessing Resources To Manage Chronic Pain After A Car Accident

November 10, 2011

By Cathryn Morgan Are you dealing with chronic pain after a car accident? Are you struggling, and feeling overwhelmed? Statistics paint the picture with broad brush strokes, but chronic pain patients live the reality, applying a myriad of coping strategies to deal with the physical, emotional and psychological implications of living every day with a […]

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