How Much Will a Lawyer Cost?

cost of a lawyer

Lawyer Costs

Your lawyer cost is nothing because Klein Lawyers offers contingency billing. Your first car accident consultation is free. We encourage you to come in and talk to a lawyer about your car accident. You may not realize you have a claim against ICBC. This investigative meeting will review the accident facts. A lawyer will help you determine if you have a claim and what your rights are. You are under no obligation to hire a lawyer, but the information you receive is yours for free.

Following the initial consultation, if you decide to retain Klein Lawyers, it won’t cost you a dime. How can that be?

1. Our No Fee Guarantee

If we don’t obtain a settlement or judgement for you then we do not collect any fees. If you don’t win, you pay no fee, that’s our no fee guarantee.

2. Contingency fees

Most lawyers charge by the hour. This can get expensive during a long settlement process. But Klein Lawyers offers contingency fee billing. It is risk free for clients, and provides equitable compensation to the law firm. Contingency fees are based on a percentage of the settlement or award, and are not collected until a claim is settled. The law firm will carry all of the expenses during the term of the settlement process.

The Law Society of British Columbia stipulates the maximum amount that can be charged for a contingency fee.

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