Rear End Collisions in Vancouver

rear end accident

Drivers and passengers in cars hit from behind can be seriously injured both due to the violence of the crash and due to the direction in which the body is forced to move upon impact. Collisions of this kind almost always come without warning, leaving accident victims unable to brace themselves before the crash.

Rear-end collisions can occur in various ways. Most commonly, one car is slowing down for or stopped at a traffic light or stop sign and is hit by a vehicle travelling behind it. There can be a chain reaction where each car is pushed into the vehicle in front of it, thereby causing multiple impacts and injuries to the vehicle occupants. Or, a vehicle speeding along a highway can hit a car travelling in the same direction, causing both cars to lose control and perhaps collide with other nearby vehicles. Rear-end collisions can also cause the vehicle that was struck to slam into concrete barriers, poles or lampposts or into oncoming traffic.

If the car you were travelling in was hit in this way, you will likely experience pain soon after the accident and you may develop further symptoms hours or even days later. Whiplash is a common injury associated with rear-end collisions. You have suffered whiplash if your neck was subjected to a sudden, uncontrolled movement. Your neck bones could be pushed out of place and pain can be felt due to damage of the nerves and surrounding tissues.

Unfortunately, whiplash is not the only injury that can be caused by a rear-end collision. The force of a crash and the chain reactions involving the movement of metal and bodies during an accident can lead to broken bones and various other internal and external injuries.

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