NCIX Class Action – NCIX Employees

NCIX Class Action - NCIX security leak

A class action has been filed for former employees of bankrupt computer retailer NCIX.  When NCIX went bankrupt in late 2017, the company, its receiver and the auction house that sold the NCIX assets all failed to wipe clean the personal information of thousands of NCIX employees contained on the company’s servers.  This included names, addresses, email address, and social insurance numbers.  The lists may have been sold to criminals who could exploit the information to engage in identity theft of NCIX employees.

The RC, as well as both the federal and provincial privacy commissions, have launched investigations into the data breach.

The company, officially known as Netlink Computer Inc., had retail outlets in the Lower Mainland as well as Markham, Mississauga, Scarborough, and Ottawa before filing for bankruptcy in 2017.

If you were an employee of Netlink Computer Inc. dba NCIX, and would like to receive updates on the class action, please complete this form.