RCMP General Harassment Class Action

On October 4, 2021, Klein Lawyers filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of a class of persons who worked within the RCMP workplace and were subjected to systemic bullying, intimidation and harassment within the workplace.  The class includes all current and former temporary civilian employees, community constables, supernumerary special constables, auxiliary constables, cadets, pre-cadets, students, independent contractors and subcontractor employees (including Commissionaires, custodial workers, guards/matrons, individuals employed through temporary agencies and interns), as well as other government employees (including municipal, regional or similar levels of government employees and seconded officers and employees, including Interchange Canada participants) who are not entitled to grieve under s. 208 of the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations Act, S.C. 2003, c. 22.  The class also includes members of integrated policing units, and persons from outside agencies and police forces who were supervised or managed by the RCMP or who worked in an RCMP controlled workplace, volunteers, and non-profit organization employees, individuals working or attending courses on RCMP premises and other individuals who worked with or for the RCMP and who have a HRMIS identification. 

The lawsuit alleges that the representative plaintiff and other class members were subjected to acts of bullying, intimidation and harassment by RCMP Members, Civilian Members, Public Service Employees and RCMP management.  The lawsuit further alleges that the Crown, the RCMP and its management failed to fulfill its statutory and common law duties to the representative plaintiff and other class members to ensure they were in a safe and supportive work environment.  As a result of the bullying, intimidation and harassment, the representative plaintiff and class members have suffered serious physical and psychological damages, out-of-pocket expenses and loss of income.     

This class action excludes any claims class members have that were resolved in Merlo and Davidson v HMTQ, Tiller, Copland and Roach v HMTQ and Ross, Roy and Satalic v HMTQ. This class action also excludes any claims class members have in the certified class proceeding Greenwood and Gray v HMTQ unless that proceeding is de-certified prior to the trial of this proceeding, and any claims class members have in the authorized class action Delisle c. R, unless that proceeding is de-authorized prior to the trial of this proceeding. 

If you are included in the class member definition listed below and suffered bullying, intimidation and harassment while working for the RCMP, please fill out our Do You Qualify form.