Settled Case
meat market


A class action suit against Alfalfa’s Canada, Inc., carrying on business as Capers Community Markets, has been launched on behalf of all customers who were infected or exposed to Hepatitis A after eating Capers food products.

The Writ of Summons filed in the Supreme Court of British Columbia alleges that Capers breached the Sale of Goods Act for releasing into the stream of commerce food products that were dangerously defective and further failed to meet the standard of care required under the Food and Drugs Act.

A vaccination program was conducted by the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority for people who purchased food at Capers. A total of 6,400 customers were vaccinated. The Health Authority reported that it had identified at least seven confirmed cases of Hepatitis A that may be linked to Capers food products.

This class action has settled. The deadline for opting out of or into the class action and for filing claims was October 28, 2005. For information about the settlement, please go to Settlement Documents.

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