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Dermalive Injections

Dermalive Class Action Settlement Finalized

On October 10, 2014, Mr. Justice Sewell of the Supreme Court of British Columbia approved the settlement of a class action for people who developed granulomas after being injected with Dermalive. Dermalive is a cosmetic filler injected into the skin to smooth out wrinkles and other cosmetic defects. The settlement provides compensation to individuals who establish that they were injected with Dermalive in Canada and developed granulomas in the area injected with Dermalive. Money is also available to reimburse the cost of corrective medical treatment (e.g., steroid injections, laser treatments, surgery, etc.). The settlement applies to residents of British Columbia who did not opt out of the class action on or before February 15, 2014 and non-BC residents who validly opted into the class action on or before February 15, 2014.


See the Notice of Settlement Approval, Settlement Agreement, Distribution Protocol, Claim Form and Physician Form.


To be eligible for compensation, the Class Member or someone with authority to act on his or her behalf must submit a completed claim form and completed physician form together with copies of medical records, receipts, or other documentation which shows that the Class Member was injected with Dermalive in Canada, that the Class Member developed granulomas, what treatment the Class Member received for the granulomas, and what treatments were paid for by the Class Member. The completed claim form, physician form, and all supporting documentation (i.e., medical records, receipts, etc.) must be delivered or postmarked to the Dermalive Class Action Claims Registry, c/o Bruneau Group, 390 Rideau St. – Box 20187, Ottawa, ON K1N 9P4, by no later than by May 20, 2015.

For more information about making a claim, contact the Administrator

Bruneau Group
Address: 390 Rideau St. – Box 20187, Ottawa, ON K1N 9P4
Toll free 1-866-262-0006none
Telephone: 613-562-3646none
Fax: 1-866-262-0816none or 613-562-0321none

The Dermalive Class Action

Klein Lawyers, together with Vancouver law firm Rosenberg and Rosenberg, is pursuing claims on behalf of Canadians who developed granulomas after using Dermalive.

Dermalive is a cosmetic filler injected into the skin to smooth out wrinkles and other cosmetic defects. It is alleged that the French manufacturer, Dermatech, and the Canadian distributors, Intradermal Distribution and Vivier Pharma, failed to warn patients and their physicians of the true risks associated with the use of Dermalive.

Nearly eleven thousand units of Dermalive were sold in Canada from 2003 until 2007 when sales in Canada were suspended. Patients world-wide have experienced various degrees of granulomatous reaction, a condition which can leave painful and disfiguring lumps, scarring and permanent disability such as the inability to smile. In many cases of granulomas, there is no cure.

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