Opt Out Frequently Asked Questions

How was my personal address obtained?

The Federal Court ordered the RCMP to provide the Independent Assessor with the addresses of all potential class members so the Notice could be mailed directly to class members.  The purpose of this direct mailing was to ensure that all class members were informed about the certification of this action as a class proceeding and to advise them about the upcoming settlement approval hearing.

Why did I receive the Notice of Certification and Settlement Approval Hearing?

You have been identified as a potential class member in this class action.

Those eligible to participate in the settlement are persons who are female, or identify as female, and who were or are an RCMP Member (includes Regular Members, Special Constables, Cadets, Auxiliary Constables, Special Constable Members, and Reserve Members), Civilian Member or Public Service Employee (includes Temporary Civilian Employees) and who worked within the RCMP between 1974 and the date the Federal Court approves the settlement.

Will I receive any further correspondence?

Yes, a second notice will be sent to you if the Federal Court approves the settlement agreement.   This will be the last communication that you will receive from the Independent Assessor, unless you choose to make a claim for compensation under the settlement.  Potential class members who opt out of the class action will not receive this second notice. 

Who should opt out?

Class members who wish to pursue an independent civil claim against the RCMP for gender and/or sexual orientation based discrimination, bullying or harassment in the workplace must opt out by March 29, 2017.

If you do not intend to make a claim for compensation under the proposed settlement, you do not need to opt out; however, if you do not opt out, you will be bound by the terms of the settlement, which provides for a broad release of all gender and/or sexual orientation based workplace discrimination, bullying and harassment claims against the RCMP (see: article 10 of the proposed settlement agreement).

How do I opt out?

To opt out, you must complete the Opt Out Form and return it to Klein Lawyers LLP or Kim Orr P.C.

* The answers in this FAQ provide summary information about the settlement.  Full details are in the Settlement Agreement and Appendixes to the Agreement.  These FAQs are not a substitute for legal advice.  For advice about the settlement, you should contact the Office of the Assessor or your lawyer.