What is the Settlement about?

Woodlands Class Action

The Court approved a Settlement Agreement allowing people who lived at Woodlands School to claim compensation (a money award) for:

  1. Sexual;
  2. Physical;
  3. Emotional/Psychological injuries suffered at Woodlands School on or after August 1, 1974.

The Court decided that injuries suffered before August 1, 1974 will not be compensated. Klein Lawyers, appealed this decision but lost.

Only people who make a claim may receive compensation. You may file a claim on your own or hire a lawyer to help you. All claims must be filed within one year of the Notice (pending); late claims will not be accepted.

Claims must:

  1. Be made in writing;
  2. Describe the injuries suffered;
  3. Provide evidence of the injuries; and
  4. For some injuries, provide evidence that the Province’s negligence caused the injuries.

The Settlement Agreement sets out 12 “categories” of injury based on the types and severity of injuries suffered. Therefore, claims must also identify the “category” your injuries fall into and the amount of money you believe you should receive under that “category”.

Once your claim is filed, the Province (the provincial government, representing the people who ran Woodlands) will have a chance to respond and provide its own evidence. A copy of this response will be sent to you. If you have hired a lawyer, your lawyer may negotiate with the Province before a decision is made on your claim.

Claims will be decided on by an Adjudicator (judge). If you want to, you may speak to the Adjudicator (for up to 1 hour) about your injuries and experiences while at Woodlands.

The Adjudicator will consider all of the information provided by you and the Province before making a decision. If the Adjudicator decides that you have proven your claim, you will receive compensation.

The range of compensation is from $3,000 to $150,000. The exact amount of compensation you receive will be decided by the Adjudicator based on the number, the type and the severity of injuries suffered. The decision of the Adjudicator is final.