Bicyclists Need to Weigh Insurance Claims After Accidents

Our car accident lawyers report on ICBC auto liability insurance coverage after a bicycle accident.

A recent news report reminds bicyclists that ICBC auto liability insurance covers bicycle accidents involving collisions with motorists who are at fault.

Gloria Cardinal, cyclistThe Vancouver Sun article focuses on Gloria Cardinal, a cyclist who suffered a concussion, and back, elbow and knee injuries when she was “doored” (hit a car door being opened in her path by a motorist). A doctor inquired about an insurance claim, which Cardinal said she knew nothing about.

In B.C., a cyclist who is in a collision with a motor vehicle can file a claim against the driver’s ICBC insurance policy, the article explains.

For such a claim to be successful, the bicyclist must be able to show that the driver of the vehicle was careless or negligent in some way that caused the bicycle crash. Even more important, the cyclist must prove that he or she was not at fault.

attorney iconThat kind of proof typically requires the assistance of a lawyer who specializes in bicycle accidents, like the legal team at Klein Lawyers LLP.

Injuries caused from a bicycle accident may result in a settlement that includes compensation for medical expenses (including treatment such as physiotherapy, massage, chiropractic, etc.), loss of earnings (past and future), costs of future care, and pain and suffering.

types of injuries and sufferings

Even if the cyclist is fully at fault, he or she may be eligible for medical costs but not other benefits, Adam Grossman, senior media adviser for the provincial Crown corporation, told the Sun.

informationTo ensure that all expenses are calculated when your lawyer presses the insurance company for a settlement, an accident victim should keep track of all expenses related to the accident and wait until treatment has concluded (if it’s within the statute of limitations) to file a claim.

Cardinal would not say what her final settlement was worth but told the newspaper she believed it was “at least twice if not more” than what she would have obtained without a lawyer.

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