A Big Win Against ICBC


Michelle Ma of Klein Lawyers recently received this thank you note from Kristy Williams who took on the machine at ICBC. She recently received a court awarded settlement for 14 times the amount ICBC offered her. Kristy’s thank you makes the win that much more satisfying!

“Pretty awesome, eh? It’s only just beginning to sink in! In fact, things went much better than expected.

You have no idea how thankful & grateful I am to Klein Lawyers for being there for me throughout this whole mess. It couldn’t have happened without you guys.

You [Michele Ma], Jenn and Paul have been awesome for putting in so much time and effort with this case.

As for Michelle? She rocks more than Stonehenge. If it wasn’t for her…I cannot find adequate words to convey the depth of my gratitude to her for everything she’s done. I haven’t been the best at conveying thanks sometimes. Indeed, I think I’ve been a bit a bit difficult at times, particularly in the prep/lead-up to trial. Stress, 3.5 years of constant pain and so on, it’s built up over time, I’ve noticed the change and it does disturb me.

Michelle has gone above and beyond with me (as have you all). Not only did she deal with the legal rigamarole, she also took care of me at times (e.g. taking me out to dinner or making sure I had food/drink every time we had a meeting) and bore my temperamental outbursts during trial prep very well. Speaking of the temper – it’s never been personal at all and she’s one of the few people I feel safe with, whom I feel safe in showing that part of myself. For that alone, she deserves a medal!”

Read more about Kristy’s accidents and the process leading up to trial in the next Klein Lawyers Full Disclosure that will be published in June 2012.

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