Drivers Beware: Of Ghost And Goblins

spooky car accidents

There are countless news stories and blogs dedicated to Halloween safety for children who will be out trick or treating. But drivers beware, it is the little rascals that you need to be on the look out for.

Halloween is a time to trick or treat, but it can also be a little road of horror for anyone who has to venture out in their motor vehicle. So, drivers beware, and stay home for the night. If you do have to venture out, follow the rules of the road:

  1. Ensure you are illuminated: bright lights please – the brighter the better to bounce off all the reflective tape every ghost and goblin will be wearing.
  2. Ensure wipers are working for both the windshield and rear window. Halloween is sure to be a rainy or snowy night. You want extremely clear vision to see all the princesses and ninjas jaywalking through the neighborhoods.
  3. Test your horn before leaving your driveway: you want to announce your presence before entering any haunted neighborhoods. It’s in your best interest to let the vampires know you are arriving.
  4. Pack earplugs: you don’t want to be spooked while driving when the big bang theory goes off. Irresponsible astronauts will be sure to explode their rockets just when you are entering the school zone.
  5. Be the turtle, not the hare: take your time, mosey along, pretend you are in a school zone, and be the last to arrive.

You get it: if at all possible, just leave the car parked – take a stroll in your own neighborhood. But if you are driving on Halloween night, channel the traffic cop in you and drive slow. Be on the look out – you never know what will jump out at you.

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