The Ghouls Of The Night: Pedestrians – Take Responsibility To Avoid Traffic Injuries


halloween-traffic-safetyOver the last week there have been several worldwide news stories of people seriously injured or dying due to a hit and run driver. These are senseless tragedies. To flee the scene without stopping to help another human being is morally bankrupt and criminal.

The latest is the sad story of Barry Cutforth who was walking along a section of road with no streetlights wearing dark clothing. Unfortunately this was probably a factor in the accident as he was not visible.

Now that it is fall and there are less daylight hours, it is even more important for drivers to be aware of pedestrians. Pedestrians need to be aware of their own actions. So many people venture out at night in dark clothing and do not realize how hard it is for a driver to see a person crossing the street, walking down the side of the road or worse, jay-walking.

Today is Halloween and the best practice for trick-or-treaters is:

  • Wear reflective clothing
  • Carry a flashlight – even if you turn it on and dump it in your treat bag
  • Stay on the sidewalk and cross at corners. Do not zigzag across the road
  • Stay in groups and make sure your partner is with you at all times
  • Watch out for cars – don’t assume they can see you
  • Walk against the flow of traffic if you have to

All pedestrians who venture out at night should employ these safety tips. Add some reflective tape to your umbrella, briefcase or handbag. Hang a small flashlight, or blinking bike light off your backpack. Assume a driver may not see you. It takes the responsibility of both a driver and a pedestrian to ensure that senseless accidents are avoided.

Happy Halloween. Have fun and be safe!

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