What Are ICBC Driver Penalty Points?

Police officer checking on a car

ICBC driver penalty points is a very hot topic in British Columbia. It just keeps coming up over and over again. Why is that? I believe it is because the topic is uncomfortable. It is associated with a negative experience, shame, cops, tickets, and outgoing cash. On top of all of that, it’s a complicated system that most people may not even know exists.

First, lets define ICBC penalty points. According to ICBC’s website, penalty points were introduced “to make sure everybody is safe on the road, we [sic] ICBC introduced this premium to deter careless drivers from driving unlawfully.”

Driver penalty points are accumulated on your driving record through traffic infractions or tickets. Things like failing to stop for pedestrians, driving without a drivers license or speeding, are just a few examples of tickets that will incur driver penalty points. Points vary depending on the infraction, from a low of 2 points to a high of 10 points for a motor vehicle criminal code offenses.

In addition to the driver penalty points, ICBC also levies a payment premium against those points if a driver incurs more than 3 points in any given assessment period.

For example, if a driver receives two speeding tickets in a 12-month period, that amounts to 6 driver penalty points and a $300.00 premium. In addition to the premium, the ticket fines have to be paid. That can be quite an expense in a year.

Even though most people never like to be on the receiving end of a ticket or a driver penalty point premium, ICBC has a great way of keeping everyone informed.

They mail your driver penalty points calculation on your birthday.

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