ICBC Offered A Settlement, But How Much Is My ICBC Claim Worth?

Many people come to us and say “ICBC offered a settlement, but “how much is my ICBC claim worth“? It’s a million dollar question and in some car accident claims in British Columbia, it’s literally the answer too. But estimating the cash value of an ICBC claim is not an easy task, and not something any car accident lawyer will do. Each and every claim is unique to the accident circumstances, the individual’s injuries and personal circumstances.

A claim cannot be fully assessed until an accident and claim investigation is complete and injuries have been thoroughly evaluated. This can be a lengthy process and may take years.

We just released a new Klein Lawyers TV ad. It shows a person suffering from multiple broken bones, whiplash and lacerations who is being pressured into accepting a $500 settlement. The insurance guy incessantly repeats , “are you gonna take it, are you? …are you?…are you?” The overall tone of the commercial is very funny, but in reality this type of coercion happens all the time by insurance companies. It’s in the insurance company’s best interest to settle fast. Don’t let them pressure you to settle your ICBC claim fast. Settlements are often higher for cases represented by a lawyer with experience in handling car accident claims.

Car accident victims call us all the time regarding the “fairness” of an ICBC settlement offer. Don’t settle your car accident claim if you feel that the offer is too low to cover your on-going injury and medical care, loss of past or future income, or special damages. Even if you’ve been dealing with ICBC on your own, you still have the right to talk to a lawyer about your ICBC claim and your settlement. Call Klein Lawyers today if your ICBC insurance adjuster is asking, “Are you gonna take it?”