The Jaws Of Life – Saving Your Life In A Car Accident In 8 Minutes Or Less

Rollover car accident

Yesterday, a crew from Klein Lawyers joined MADD Metro Vancouver at the annual Safety Awareness Event. This event was put on free for the general public to bring awareness to the perils of drinking and driving and overall driving safety.

Thanks to the local Coquitlam fire department, we had the opportunity to witness a live demonstration of how a rescue is performed when a person is seriously injured and trapped in a vehicle.

I am truly amazed by the fact that in less than 8 minutes, a fire crew can have a car ripped apart and a victim removed from a potentially fatal event. Thank you, rescue crew, for a great learning experience.

A horrific accident occurred in Surrey BC just hours after the safety fair. Three of four passengers died at the scene of an accident, caused by a car going the wrong way on Highway 10 at 1:45 am. The aftermath was devastating. Was alcohol a factor? It is too early to tell until an autopsy is completed, but the car was travelling the wrong way on a highway separated by a concrete median.

Accidents are preventable, and according to a list compiled by Claire Martin, of MSN Autos the top driving mistakes that cost drivers their lives are:

1. Swerving – or not being able to stay in designated lane
2. Drowsy Driving – many accidents occur in the middle of the night
3. Drunk Driving – your first drink is your – need to finish sentence
4. Over-correcting – over-steering can often result in roll-overs
5. Speeding – 30% of all fatalities occur going over 85 km/h or above
6. Failure to yield the right of way – statistics show drivers over the age of 70 have a hard time judging distance between other cars when proceeding to merge or enter a right of way
7. Erratic or reckless driving – weaving, tailgating, excessive speed and driving on the wrong side of the road.
8. Running red lights – over 75% of accidents happen in the city and a common cause is failing to stop at a red light.
9. Not wearing a seat belt. Astounding but true – 33% of people who die in car accidents did not buckle up and 76% of people die if ejected from a vehicle.
10. Inattentive driving- anything other than driving is a distraction.

Once an accident reconstruction has been completed on the Surrey accident, it’s a sure bet that at least two of the above were a cause of the accident. Keep yourself and others save, drive with responsibility.

Fast Fact

2012 Safety Fair will be bigger and better. Check out MADD Metro Vancouver for this and other upcoming events.

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