The Life You Save Could Be Your Own


With the holidays approaching, I’ve had a chance to reflect on a more personal level on the tragic consequences of impaired driving. Recently, I had the privilege of addressing MADD presentations at two Vancouver high schools. MADD does incredibly important work in educating students, and Klein Lawyers is pleased to sponsor them.

The students were very respectful and attentive. I tried to drive home to them how their age group is particularly at risk. They then watched a film about families touched by the death of a teenager in an alcohol related car accident. The film also dealt with the legal nightmare facing the impaired driver whose carelessness resulted in the death of his girlfriend, and paralysis of his best friend. They were visibly moved by the true story of accident victims close to them in age and life experience. Hopefully MADD can continue to mount these presentations across the country so the newest generation of drivers practices zero tolerance when it comes to driving and drinking and drugs.

In Surrey I spoke at the kick off for MADD’s seasonal “Red Ribbon” program to raise public awareness at a time of year when people are celebrating the holidays and, unfortunately, often mixing drinking and driving. The police, fire and ambulance services were well represented. Several families of peopled killed in senseless impaired accidents were also in attendance. Many carried photos of their loved ones, heartbreaking reminders of lives tragically snuffed out by the actions of impaired drivers. It was a powerful reminder that impaired driving is about real life people with shattered families and stolen futures, not statistics or abstract warnings.

Happy Holidays everyone. Please do not drink and drive. The life you save could be your own.

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