MADD About Teen Driving, Klein Lawyers Sponsors Smashed


MADD-Campaign-911-RibbonAs your children get older, it’s only natural that they want more and more freedom. It can be a hard thing to let your kids inch closer to independence, and nothing tests your nerves more than when they start learning to drive. If you’re one of the many moms and dads that constantly worry something may happen to your kids when they’re either behind the wheel or a passenger with their friends, you have good reason to be. In 2010, 16 to 19 year old drivers were still 30% more likely to be killed in road crashes than drivers aged 20 and older. Plus, more than one-third of teen drivers killed in road crashed tested positive for either alcohol (36.6%) or drugs (39.2%).

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), inexperience, immaturity and intoxication are the driving factors behind these fatalities. The good news is that many teens are starting to become aware and concerned about their road safety, with a majority of young drivers agreeing that distracted driving and texting while driving, as well as young drivers impaired by alcohol or drugs, are serious problems.

ICBC states that new drivers must have a blood alcohol level of zero. Even just one alcoholic beverage is enough to blow over zero, which means your license could be taken away and your car impounded.

As personal-injury lawyers, we have seen too many families devastated because of serious car accident injuries or after losing a loved one because of impaired driving. The key to reducing teen deaths is education. That’s why Klein Lawyers is sponsoring Smashed, a high-energy, interactive presentation by the Mothers Against Drunk Driving education program.

On December 4th, 2013, Templeton Secondary students will take a closer look at their values and perceptions through a docudrama presentation highlighting awareness and risk reduction. With the continued efforts of groups like MADD, we can take a more positive direction towards reducing teenage deaths on the road.

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