Does Your Music Make You A Risky Driver?


Recently,, an online Canadian insurance marketplace, commissioned a study on how music, influences driving behavior and the risk of speeding.

“Metal to the Pedal or Just a Little Hip Hop”

The study had some interesting results. Surprisingly, Hip Hop, R & B and Talk Radio top the list with the most at-fault accidents and speeding tickets.

Country or Classic Rock songs are more likely to result in drinking and driving charges.

If you’re a driver who speeds up to match music RMP’s, the study indicates that you would be wise to throw on some folk music. Forty-nine percent of folk music listeners have never had a speeding ticket and are the least likely to be pulled over.

ICBC is currently conducting a study and recommendation to move to a driver-based system, where at-fault car accidents would follow the driver. This proposed insurance system would recognize both lower risk and higher risk driving behaviors. If you’re in a car accident in BC – ask the at-fault driver what’s on the playlist and see if it fits the Kantix study.

Ultimately, it really doesn’t matter what you listen to when you’re driving. Keep the volume down and don’t be distracted. We recommend having some Gordon Lightfoot on the playlist – maybe ‘Carefree Highway’!

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