School Zone Safety and the Delayed School Year

school zone safety

Even if you don’t have kids in school or a job in education, everyone with a vehicle is affected by the current BC school strike. Typically school zones have a maximum speed zone of 30 kph on school days between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. These restrictions are not in effect during summer holidays, winter break, spring break, or strike periods unless a ‘summer school’ sign is in place. If there is no signage the regular 50 kph speed limit applies.

So until school is back in session, drivers can technically drive up to 50 kph. However, driving an extra 20 kph faster doesn’t mean you can use less caution when cruising through these areas. For one, with the summer vacation extending now through September there will be more kids hanging out in neighbourhoods, community centers, parks, pools, and other public areas. Although schools may not be in session, the school fields and playgrounds will still be busy during all hours of the day. We  recommend to voluntarily follow the 30 kph speed limit rule at all times when travelling through school zones.

Choose to Follow School Zone Speeds Limits at all Times

Drivers need to take responsibility and follow updates of the strike to know when the 30 kph zones will be in effect. The BC Teacher’s Federation website is a reliable source for current news and announcements. Otherwise if you’re caught driving over 30 kph when school zones restrictions are in effect the penalties are going to cost you not only in dollars but also ICBC Driver Penalty Points. In the 31 kph-50 kph bracket, the total fine is $196.  From 51-70 kph the fine is $253, 71-90 kph it’s $368, and anything greater than 90 kph is $483. Don’t forget that that three ICBC penalty points also accompany each fine.

Given the financial cost and risks involved with kids’ safety, it’s good public policy to ensure that the same level of school zone safety is provided to students even during non-school hours. As Vancouver car accident lawyers, we know that the slower you go, the more control you have. So whether the strike continues or the school year gets back on track, drive with caution and bring your speed down regardless of the time of year.

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