Seven Ways a Lawyer Can Help You to Settle Your ICBC Claim

Our Vancouver car accident lawyers list seven ways a lawyer can help you to settle your ICBC claim.

If you have been involved in an auto accident in Vancouver or elsewhere in British Columbia, you simply want to recover from your injuries and get back to life and work as normal as soon as possible. To do that, you will need to reach a full and fair settlement of your ICBC claim.

Unfortunately, the ICBC claims settlement process can sometimes become drawn out and frustrating. ICBC may also present a settlement offer that is far from what you deserve for the harm you have suffered.

By working with a lawyer, however, you give yourself the best opportunity to expedite the process of settling your claim. You can also greatly improve your chances of receiving a settlement amount that reflects the true value of your case.

Here, we take a close look at seven specific ways in which a lawyer can help you to settle your ICBC accident claim:

  1. Investigating the Crash

    No-fault benefits will provide you with medical payments regardless of who is to blame for your car accident. A thorough investigation of the crash may still be necessary if you are pursuing a fault-based claim through the other driver’s policy – also called a tort claim.

    A lawyer will focus on the details of your case. The lawyer will work with investigators and experts to carefully put together the facts of your case and find out how your crash occurred.

    At the same time, you can be sure that ICBC will conduct its own investigation. Unlike your lawyer, ICBC’s goal will be to build a case against you that reduces its liability for your damages.

  2. Reviewing Medical Records

    In order to recover the full compensation amount for your medical expenses and rehabilitation costs, your medical records will need to be presented in full. It follows that a comprehensive review of your medical records will be necessary to prove those damages. Additionally, your medical records can play a role in establishing the amount of damages that you claim for pain and suffering.

  3. Consulting with Experts

    Our lawyers alone cannot do everything that needs to be done to pursue the compensation you deserve. Instead, we will likely need to consult with experts from a broad range of fields.

    In most cases, a lawyer will consult with accident reconstruction experts during the crash investigation process. A lawyer also will work with a variety of health and finance experts to determine your total losses and the actual value of your claim.

    We will never charge you up front for these experts’ fees. Rather, we will handle all upfront costs and charge you for our legal services only if your case is successful.

  4. Exploring All Options

    You can file a Part 7/no-fault benefits claim for compensation after your crash. However, this claim may not be the only type of claim that you have the right to file. It also may not completely address your losses.

    In addition to a no-fault claim, we will explore the possibility of filing one or more third-party tort claims. Our goal is simple: We want to maximize your compensation.

  5. Preparing and Presenting a Claim

    Much work goes into the preparation and presentation of a successful ICBC claim. A lawyer should have a large, experienced and professional staff to gather, organize and analyze evidence, create briefs, craft exhibits and more.

    The objective is to demonstrate your injuries, such as whiplash, and prove that you deserve compensation for the harm you have suffered. Again, you should never have to worry about paying for these costs up front. Your lawyer should have you covered.

  6. Aggressively Negotiating on Your Behalf

    When a lawyer goes to the negotiating table with an ICBC claims adjuster on your behalf, the lawyer should not back down until a fair settlement offer is reached.

    If you attempt to negotiate an ICBC claim settlement amount on your own, you may not understand what your claim is really worth and may get pressured into accepting an amount that is much less than you actually deserve.

    Do not fall victim to a low settlement offer. Instead, contact a car accident lawyer who will be passionate about protecting your rights and seek just compensation in your case.

  7. Being Prepared to Take Your Case to Court

    Many lawyers are ready to represent you during settlement negotiations. But what happens if ICBC won’t settle and it is time to go to court? Your lawyer should be prepared to present a thorough, compelling case on your behalf at trial.

    The fact that your lawyer will be prepared to take your case into the courtroom may ultimately persuade ICBC to settle instead. ICBC is likely as disinterested in going to court as you are.

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