Does Your Singing Distract You?


The car and the shower are the last two sacred places to belt out a tune, but it’s reported that singing and driving can be detrimental to your safety. Is the definition of distracted driving going too far? Who doesn’t belt out a tune or two while driving?

There are many moments in pop culture that demonstrate how music and driving have become enmeshed in each other. Mike Myers nails it in Wayne’s World when the crew takes a joy ride to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody! But we all know that this is a video production done in a safe environment. On the other hand, over at Spencer Productions, they take singing and driving to a whole new level. I hope that the crew at Spencer Productions have not really been driving and singing in this manner. But, without a disclaimer on the weekly song released, there are many young impressionable drivers out there that think this is real and may try to replicate this incredibly unsafe behavior.

Christina Rudin-Brown, a Canadian researcher and author, recently presented a study on the ways that music is linked to driver distraction at the International Conference on Traffic & Transport Psychology in the Netherlands.

The study found that singing while driving impairs people’s abilities behind the wheel and decreases hazard awareness. The study, to be published in a future issue of the journal Accident Analysis and Prevention stated:

“singing participants drove slower (not a bad thing), maintained less consistent speed levels, and took longer to react to potential hazards. The upside is that singing drivers were able to keep better lane control.

It is reported that two of the three study authors belong to amateur singing groups, so I would like to know: have they stopped singing and driving? Rudin-Brown has probably summed it up the best, “drivers should keep their eyes, and mind, on the road at all times.”

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