Staying Alive At The Scene Of A Car Accident


At Klein Lawyers we run many TV advertisements related to motor vehicle accidents. Some of the ads are a bit funny, like the singing insurance agent, some are emotional and sad, depicting the grief a family can experience after losing a loved one, and some are graphic like “Car Crashes Change Lives”.

We have received a few complaint calls about the “Car Crashes Change Lives’ ad. I understand that the ad can be unsettling and we do not want to offend anyone. Just the opposite. We think these ads provide a public service and help to inform, educate and encourage people to make good, not bad, decisions when driving.

The ad shows a car desperately trying to stop. While out of control it crashes into a stalled car, where the driver is standing outside the car on the side of a roadway. It happens fast and it is not clear if the pulled over car was stalled, changing a tire or in a previous accident. Injuries and death happen frequently in secondary accidents at car crash scenes.

Whether your car has broken down or you have been in a car crash, what you do after the incident can make the difference between life and death. A car accident is stressful and even the most levelheaded people make bad judgments.

If the accident is minor, move the vehicles to a safe area away from traffic, exchange information and report it if required by law. If the collision is serious, stay in your vehicle, call 911 and wait for first responders. This can save your life. You do not want to be exposed to surrounding traffic. First responders can secure the scene, making it safe for police and paramedics to do their jobs. Accident victims have exacerbated their injuries by either being moved or moving themselves. Internal and spinal injuries can become fatal or catastrophic very quickly. Traffic can become chaotic around an accident scene causing a domino effect of more accidents.

The important thing is to keep calm and use your common sense. We sincerely hope a car crash does not change your life.

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