Strap On Those Helmets, It’s Bike To Work Week!

Bike to work week

You’ve probably noticed that Vancouver has been making more room for bikes and less room for cars, replacing several major roadways with bike lanes. This new network of safe cycling means that Vancouverites are able to ditch four wheels for two, leading to not only a healthier city, but also a greener one. As more and more people are opting to commute with their helmets in tow, fewer cars on the road means less natural resources are being used up.

With all of these changes, this year’s Bike To Work Week looks as though it will be the biggest yet. Started by HUB in 2007, a charitable organization that works to make cycling attractive to everyone, this year’s festivities takes place between October 28th to November 3rd.

This event is a great way to build camaraderie around the office, as companies are encouraged to sign-up and take part. From the Commute Tracker tool to cycling workshops for employees, there are plenty of ways to create a friendly competition and rally your team together.

In preparation of Bike To Work Week, HUB will be hosting Share the Road Challenge on Wednesday, Oct. 23rd, where cyclists challenge car drivers and transit users to see who can commute downtown faster and more affordably. Join them at 8:15am on the corner of Homer and Robson to cheer on your favorite commuter!

HUB’s event may raise awareness (and some fun!), but there are plenty of reasons to continue pedaling even after the week is over. For one, biking to work has the unique ability to promote overall employee health and wellness. Second, it’s an environmentally sustainable mode of transportation. It’s also affordable, which gives people more financial freedom to allocate finances in other areas, like travel or personal expenses.

Laura Jane, a year-round cyclist and Event and Sponsorship Manager – Bike to Work Week for HUB gives us a some seasoned tips for winter riding: “There are a few great things to adopt for winter riding enjoyment,” reports Jane. “A good jacket with arm vents is key to staying dry and warm, add in reflective sashes, bright lights both front and back for safety, and installing a set of fenders is key to keeping clean and dry.” If you are going to start to be a year round rider, Jane tells us that Hub has some great winter riding workplace workshops.

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