Vancouver Driver Car Impounded After 26 Distracted Driving Tickets

Distracted driving - texting Distracted Driving Causes Car Accidents

Earlier today local News1130 reported that a 49 year-old Vancouver man had his car impounded after 26 distracted driving tickets and his license revoked for two months.

How long does it take before a high-risk offender is permanently taken off the roads? It is a proven fact that distracted driving is dangerous and is one of the leading causes of car accidents in Vancouver and BC. In this case all of the 26 driving infractions were related to an electronic device. To make matters worse he continued to drive distracted after his license was taken away in February. The general public should be outraged at this person’s blatant disregard for road safety. It is a miracle that he didn’t cause a car accident – or worse – a motor vehicle fatality.

Distracted Driving Infractions Related to Electronic Devices

Should it take 26 ICBC driving infractions before a person loses their license? And what good is that when they disregard the law over and over again. When should a driver get back the privilege of having access to their car or vehicle? Should insurance rates skyrocket for these people? Maybe they should be banned from owning an electronic device for a period of time. Is this device any different from a gun ban for a repeat offender who has used a firearm illegally?

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