Volvo Tests Collision Warning And Emergency Brake System With Semi Truck

courtesy: Volvo

In January 2013 the Volvo FH was put through a test drive to demonstrate its Collision Warning and Emergency Brake System. As with any test-drive simulation, you wonder how real it is, but this semi was fully loaded with 40 tons. I can only say, impressive!

Now, I have to admit, I am a lover and hater of Volvos. Growing up, my dad only drove Volvos; the one I spent most of my formative years in was bright canary yellow – not so cool when you’re a teenager. There was only one reason my Dad bought Volvos: safety. In 1959 Volvo safety engineer Nils Bohlin invented the modern three-point seat belt known as the Griswald restraint. Long before seat belts were law, our family buckled up! Volvo also had a breakaway transmission design; if hit in a head-on collision the transmission and motor would break away instead of landing in the front seats. Combined with roll over bars and other safety measures, this was the tank of cars.

yellow-volvoMy father’s job frequently took him on the Alberta highways and I often rode shotgun – in my seatbelt of course! We encountered numerous highway accidents and I still vividly remember the semi-trailers, crashed, rolled and on fire. With the collision warning and break system design for big trucks, the incidents of road injuries and death should decrease.

I applaud Volvo for their safety record and the ever-improving collision warning and breaking system.

Even though I cringed riding in that yellow Volvo, I appreciate that my dad, Patrick had the sense to put safety first. He taught me everything I know about good driving habits.

Today I too drive a Volvo and the main reason: safety! I have the City Safety feature on my XC60 and from experience it works. Thanks Dad and thank you Volvo.

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