Will Your Child Be Driving Themselves To School Or University This Fall?


Take in the Awareness & Safety Fair

As a parent of two pre-tweens, it is hard to imagine the day when I won’t be a taxi mom and the girls will be asking for the car keys. As a parent, you want your child to be responsible and independent. Driving themselves to school for the first time must be akin to the first day of Grade 1. With a lot of pride and a bucketful of worry you see them off; hoping they will survive.

The best tools we can give our kids is to teach them the importance of personal safety. When it comes to driving, a parent can be an immense influence on this milestone.

  1. Enroll your kids in a good driving course. Nothing is more annoying than having mom grip the dashboard while teaching a teen to drive.
  2. Be a good role model. Follow the rules of the road, put the device down, keep the music low and keep your composure. This is a time when you don’t want to be cool with your kids!
  3. Make your child aware of the devastating effects of car crashes. A second or a centimeter can change lives forever.

MADD is sponsoring an Awareness and Safety Event on Saturday August 13, at the Coquitlam Center. Come on down between 11 and 4 pm to meet your Klein Lawyers team and take in the ICBC smashed car display, fire department car cutting demonstration, games and attractions, live entertainment, information booths food and beverages and amazing prize giveaways.

Driving is a privilege and a huge responsibility. Show your kids you care, take the time to give them the tools. Hope to see you there.

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