A Year Of Successes


The end of 2012 brought Klein Lawyers to the first anniversary at our new location. We still say new, as it just seems like yesterday that we arrived.

We enter into 2013 on a very positive note.

We want to take this time to thank our many clients, friends, colleagues and those from the medical community for supporting Klein Lawyers on the quest to help people in need of legal services that they may not otherwise have the resources to pursue. We appreciate the confidence that our community has in us – thank you!

Klein Lawyers has been a force behind many class action lawsuits in Canada. Klein Lawyers stands up for the groups of people who have been marginalized or taken advantage of: from the Woodlands claimants, the women in the RCMP, to the Aboriginal children in the 60’s Scoop. The following are some noteworthy milestones achieved in 2012 that the dedicated team at Klein Lawyers is working on:

Alberta Child Welfare

This class action was certified. The lawsuit alleges that Child Welfare had a responsibility to pursue criminal injuries compensation and personal injury claims for children under its care but failed to do so.

TVM Kits

Notice of Civil Claim was filed on behalf of women who experienced medical injuries due to the implant of the transvaginal mesh kits.


The case was certified as a class action and in November 2012 the defendant’s application to appeal was denied. The Champix class action will move forward through the court system.


Notice of Certification was completed. Recently the Opt-in/Opt-out deadline to participate in this class action has been extended to 20 days prior to the first day of trial.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Wyeth Canada and other defendants lost the Appeal from Certification Order. This class action will now move forward to trial.


The BC Supreme Court certified the class action lawsuit. This is a positive step to gain justice for families affected by the consequences of this drug. Paxil has been associated with an increased risk of adverse cardiovascular complications for newborns when taken by women during pregnancy.

RCMP Harassment Class Action

In March a Notice of Civil Claim was filed against the RCMP on behalf of women who allege sexual harassment.

Personal Injury & Motor Vehicle Accidents

The motor vehicle accident team has expanded this year with the addition of many new staff members. We have implemented new resources and tools that have improved the level of service throughout the MVA service team. The MVA lawyers and staff have achieved many successes this year both in and out of court for the Klein Lawyers clients. Please read about our clients’ recovery and successes and sign up for the Klein Lawyers Full Disclosure Newsletter.


Klein Lawyers has once again supported the Vancouver Giants hockey team, Madd Metro Vancouver, Drop It And Drive and Dress for Success.

Going Forward in 2013

We are positioned to be the community’s best motor vehicle accident and class action firm in Vancouver and the lower mainland.

If you’re looking for a car accident lawyers in Vancouver, BC. call us today!

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