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Four Tips on How to Deal With an ICBC Adjuster

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is a publicly-owned crown corporation that has provided universal car insurance to drivers in B.C. since 1973. By law, the owner of any vehicle that is parked or driven in B.C. must purchase the basic ‘autoplan’ coverage that provides protection against third-party claims, hit-and-run accidents, uninsured and underinsured […]

ICBC Compensation After an Accident

How Does ICBC Decide How Much to Award an Injured Person?

For most drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and bicyclists, the first step after being in a motor vehicle accident in British Columbia is to file an ICBC claim. It is important to know that you have several different options for filing a claim, which in turn can affect how much you may be awarded in benefits and […]

Car Accident Benefits and Compensation

What Kind of Damages Can I Seek After a Car Accident?

Few events are as stressful as getting into a car accident. In the short-term, you may require extensive medical treatment. In the long-term, you may be unable to work or face difficulties returning to the job you had before the accident. Both of these short-term and long-term effects are accompanied by significant financial challenges in […]

Injury Claim for ICBC Benefits

How Much Does ICBC Pay for Injuries?

Any serious injury is accompanied by many different questions: What is my medical prognosis? How long will my recovery take? How long will I be out of work? What is my family going to do for money? What paperwork do I have to complete? According to the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit, “transport-related” accidents […]

Call a Lawyer After Auto Accident

When Should You Hire a Lawyer for a Car Accident?

If you are involved in a collision in Vancouver or anywhere in British Columbia, you will at some point be dealing with ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia). Coverage through ICBC is mandatory for drivers throughout the province, and you will need to file a claim with ICBC if you are injured in a car […]

Collision between Two Cars in Intersection

Top 5 Most Dangerous Intersections in Vancouver, B.C.

Vancouver is the third most populated city in Canada. While more than 2.5 million people call the city and surrounding metropolitan area home, Vancouver is also a major destination for national and international tourists. While it may be nice to be such a hub of activity, the presence of so many people inevitably leads to […]

Car Insurance Changes

How Do Recent Changes to ICBC Auto Insurance Affect Me?

Major changes to Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) auto accident policies went into effect on April 1, 2019. These changes, for the most part, only apply to those who were injured in a crash on or after April 1, 2019. Those injured prior to that will not be adversely impacted. According to ICBC’s website, […]

Total Loss After Car Accident

What Should I Do If My Car Is Deemed a Total Loss After a Car Accident?

Getting into a car accident that isn’t your fault is never fun. Finding out that your car is totaled because of the accident is even worse. A totaled car can leave you in a tough financial situation as you struggle to buy a new car. Often the amount you are offered by ICBC is much […]

How to Accept Low Settlement Offer

How to Respond to a Low Settlement Offer

If you have filed a claim against ICBC for injuries sustained in an accident, chances are that the first settlement offer you get will not be the amount that you expect or deserve. This is because ICBC is not looking out for you. Because you are making a claim against the liable motorist’s insurance policy, […]

PTSD After Car Accident

How Common is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from a Car Accident?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a serious disorder that can result from very stressful situations, including motor vehicle accidents. A crash is often a traumatic event that marks a major change in a victim’s life. In many cases, the change includes the development of PTSD. Researchers believe that up to 39 percent of victims injured […]

Klein Lawyers, a car accident lawyer who cares

Why You Need to Contact a Lawyer Before Contacting ICBC After a Car Accident

Filing a claim with the Insurance Corporation British Columbia (ICBC) can be challenging. If you contact ICBC, it will require reporting the auto accident in detail, making statements to a claim adjuster, filing any documentation regarding your accident within a certain time frame as well as the ICBC assessing a potential settlement. Car accident victims […]

What to do after a car accident in BC?

What Steps Are Involved in an Auto Accident Case in British Columbia?

According to statistics recently released by ICBC and reported on CBC News, the number of car crashes has increased dramatically over the past three years, jumping 23% to a total of 320,000 in 2016 alone. This means an average of 875 crashes happened each day in British Columbia. While safety awareness campaigns and other efforts […]

Car accident passenger claims

What Are My Legal Rights After an Auto Accident?

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you are entitled to assistance at the scene of the accident, and you deserve the best legal representation as you recover from your injuries. Motor vehicle collisions are one of the leading causes of death from unintentional or negligent acts in British Columbia, and they […]

Vancouver car accident

Top Causes of Car Accidents in Canada

Cars crumpled or overturned on the road are unfortunately not an uncommon sight throughout Canada. Although crash numbers are down from where they stood decades ago, far too many people are still hurt or killed in car accidents each year. According to Transport Canada, in 2015, there were 1,669 fatal crashes nationwide, and 116,735 crashes […]

Klein Lawyers' Answers Clients Most Common Questions

Klein Lawyers’ Answers Clients Most Common Questions

When you are injured in a car accident, finding a lawyer can be a daunting task. Knowing which questions to ask is another undertaking that can be overwhelming. We, at Klein Lawyers, understand this can be a frustrating time for you so we have answered some commonly asked questions when trying to find a car […]

Most Common Mistakes in an Auto Accident Case

Most Common Mistakes in an Auto Accident Case

Mistake #1 – Failure to get enough information at the accident scene. When you are in an accident, it is very important that you get the contact information of all other drivers involved and of any witnesses. Obviously, if you are incapacitated or you are on a stretcher you can’t do that, but if you […]

Do You Have to Pay Taxes on Lawsuit Settlements?

Do You Have to Pay Taxes on a Car Accident Lawsuit Settlement?

If you are pursuing a settlement from a car accident claim, you may be wondering if you must pay taxes the compensation you have secured. Perhaps you have already received a lawsuit settlement, and you are wondering why you haven’t had to pay any taxes on it. The answer is that if you receive a […]

Driving on the highway

How Do You Drive Safely on the Highway?

During a recent five-year stretch (2011-2015), an average of 1,953 people died and 10,673 people suffered serious injuries each year in car accidents on Canada’s roads, according to Transport Canada. These statistics underscore the importance of driving safely on the highways in British Columbia and everywhere else your travels take you. Here, we provide a […]

Car accident, other driver has no insurance

The Other Driver Has No Insurance: Can I Still Make an ICBC Injury Claim?

You may not realize it, but you share the streets and highways every day in Vancouver with drivers who lack the insurance that the law in British Columbia requires. If you should ever get into a car accident that involves one of these uninsured motorists, you should know that you have options to recover compensation […]

Questions to Ask a Lawyer after a Car Accident in Vancouver

Top 10 Questions to Ask a Car Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in a car accident in British Columbia, you can file a claim with ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) to seek compensation for your losses. As you begin the process, you will quickly see that working with an experienced Vancouver car accident lawyer will make a major difference for you. […]

Our Vancouver car accident lawyers discuss about self driving cars in Canada.

Are Self-Driving Cars Coming to Canada?

In November, self-driving cars finally got the green light in Canada. As Engadget reports, the country’s first self-driving cars hit Ontario roads, including cars manufactured by three organizations with government approval. While the addition of self-driving cars to Canada’s roads may be an exciting development from a technological standpoint, it does raise questions about crash-avoidance […]

Our Vancouver car accident lawyers discuss how a lawyer is paid for helping a client with their ICBC claim.

How a Lawyer’s Paid for Helping Me with My ICBC Claim

Working with a lawyer when you file an ICBC claim is a smart idea. A lawyer can improve the chances of obtaining a full and fair settlement of your claim by: Understanding the law Knowing how to work with an insurance adjuster Gathering evidence for your claim Working with experts. Even though hiring an experienced […]

What doctor to see after car accident in Vancouver

Why Is It Important to See a Doctor After a Car Accident?

You must take a number of important steps after being involved in a car accident in BC. Not only do you want to report your accident to the authorities and immediately begin the process of filing an ICBC claim, you also need to see an auto accident doctor. The latter is true regardless of the […]

Our Vancouver car accident ICBC lawyers report that distracted driving accidents continue to rise across Canada.

Distracted Driving Accidents Continue to Rise Across Canada

Dozens of driver behaviours can increase the risk of accident and injury, including speeding, swerving, driving after consumption of alcohol, driving aggressively, tailgating and more. But of all of the dangerous behaviours that drivers engage in behind the wheel, distracted driving may be the worst of all. This type of careless driving behaviour leads to […]

Our Vancouver car accident lawyers list seven ways a lawyer can help you to settle your ICBC claim.

Seven Ways a Lawyer Can Help You to Settle Your ICBC Claim

If you have been involved in an auto accident in Vancouver or elsewhere in British Columbia, you simply want to recover from your injuries and get back to life and work as normal as soon as possible. To do that, you will need to reach a full and fair settlement of your ICBC claim. Unfortunately, […]

Our Vancouver car accident ICBC lawyers discuss what you should do if an ICBC adjuster says you have no claim.

What Should You Do if an ICBC Adjuster Says You Have No Claim?

After a car accident in Vancouver or elsewhere in British Columbia, most drivers turn to ICBC to file a claim and recover compensation. Drivers may file two types of ICBC claims: Part 7 claims, also referred to as no-fault claims, and tort claims. While a driver or passenger who has been injured in a crash […]

Our Vancouver car accident ICBC lawyers discuss how to prepare for the ‘examination for discovery’ part of an ICBC claim.

How to Prepare for the ‘Examination for Discovery’ Part of an ICBC Claim

If you suffered personal injuries in an auto accident, then you likely know by now a little bit about the ICBC claims process. As most Vancouver residents know, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is involved in many auto accident and personal injury claims. While the ICBC claims process ultimately can help car accident […]

Our ICBC claims lawyers discuss when you should settle an ICBC claim.

When Should I Settle an ICBC Claim?

When you have suffered injuries as the result of a car accident, getting medical care and treatment will be a top priority. However, it also will be highly expensive. At the same time, you may be unable to work due to your injuries. As a result, like many car accident victims, you may feel a […]

Our ICBC claims lawyers discuss if you should provide the ICBC adjuster with a medical records authorization.

Should I Provide The ICBC Adjuster a Medical Records Authorization?

Car accidents – even minor ones – can result in serious injuries that may permanently threaten your health and keep you from doing the things you once enjoyed. Anytime you suffer car accident injuries, it is important to get prompt medical care and to follow up on any recommendations your doctor makes. At Klein Lawyers, […]

What to do after a car accident in BC?

Do I Have to Report a Car Accident to ICBC?

Involvement in an auto accident in Vancouver can be a scary and, in many cases, devastating experience. In the immediate moments following a traffic collision, you may not be able to think clearly about steps you must take in order to abide by the law and to be eligible for financial compensation if the other […]

Our Vancouver car accident ICBC lawyers list 5 mistakes to avoid when filing an ICBC injury claim.

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Filing an ICBC Injury Claim

Being involved in a car accident is something we all hope to avoid. In addition to damage to your vehicle, you could end up with serious, potentially life threatening injuries. Making a full recovery depends on getting the care you need, as well as getting reimbursed for the damages you have suffered.  In order to […]

17 percent of those killed and 27 percent of those injured were passengers in the teen driver's vehicle.

The Problem with Teen Drivers

Learning how to drive includes learning the rules of the road and gaining experience behind the wheel. Some learner can take quite a bit of time to master the art of driving and gain the skills necessary to become a safe, competent driver. [su_row] [su_column size=”1/4″]Even then, drivers must continue to avoid driver distractions, stay […]

Do I Need a Lawyer Immediately After an Accident?

After a car accident, many people are unsure what exactly to do and ask whether they will immediately need a lawyer. In our experience, a lawyer can make all the difference in how your case is handled. Here’s why: [su_row] [su_column size=”1/6″][/su_column] [su_column size=”5/6″]Car accident victims need to know their rights early on, and a […]

Action To Take After A Hit-And-Run Car Accident

If you have been injured in a hit-and-run car accident in British Columbia, you have ICBC coverage for your losses, but you still need to protect yourself if you wish to receive a proper ICBC car accident settlement. The mandatory ICBC Basic Autoplan includes $200,000 in coverage for damage, injuries or death caused by a […]

Our car accidents and ICBC lawyers reveal the top driving distractions in B.C.

Top Driving Distractions in B.C. – Not Texting While Driving?

For several years now, Canadian law enforcement, the government, insurers, personal injury lawyers, motorists and others have been well aware of the danger of injury and death in car accidents caused by distracted driving. Many of us have written and spoken about distracted driving, often focusing on texting-while-driving as the most dangerous form of this […]

Infographic: Don’t Let a Drunk Driving Incident Ruin Your Holidays

The holidays provide us all with a chance to be thankful for the things that we have and spend time with the ones that we love and cherish the most. Unfortunately, during this time of thankfulness and get togethers, we also see dramatic increases in binge drinking, DUIs and drunk driving accidents in Vancouver around the […]

Are H.I.D Headlights A Safety Feature or a Danger?

It’s no secret that many people take pride in their cars. From shiny rims to state-of-the art sound systems, car enthusiasts can easily spend thousands of dollars all in an effort to get noticed on the road. While there’s no harm in making your wheels shine the brightest, it is a concern when aesthetics threaten […]

car accident dash camera

Lights, Camera, Accident! Do dash cameras help in car accident claims?

If you search ‘dash cam accidents’ on YouTube, you’ll find countless videos of some serious car accident footage caught by one of these devices. With the car accident rates soaring due to distracted driving, do British Columbians need one? Do You Need a Dash Camera To Record Motor Vehicle Accidents? Dash cam usage is becoming […]

smoking and driving

Smoking while driving can lead to serious car accident injuries

Last week, I reported seeing a woman driving with a dog in her lap. Even more astounding, that same woman had her left hand hanging out the window holding a cigarette! Talk about distracted. In BC, smoking is only prohibited in a car if there is a passenger under the age of 16 in the […]

Pets in vehicles can be the cause of potentially deadly distracted driving

The other day, while stopped at a red light, I looked out my window at the cutest little dog in the car beside me. The only problem was that the dog was sitting in the driver’s seat, on the driver’s lap. Even my 11-year-old daughter said to me, “Mom, how can that lady drive with […]

Distracted Driving is Driving Up ICBC Insurance Rates

In the Vancouver Sun’s August 27, 2014 edition, ICBC was reported as stating that recent, substantial increases in car accident injury claims are a key contributing factor to its proposed five percent increase in ICBC car insurance rates. In the article, ICBC was also quoted as reporting that in particular, rear-end crashes caused by distracted […]

Avoid Distracted Driving – Pet Safety While Driving

Dog owners can attest that it’s not just a pet; it’s a member of the family. While it may seem strange to those who have never had a four-legged friend, the bond with your dog is something only fellow pet owners understand. Pet Safety While Driving So if we expect our family members to wear […]

Changing lanes can cause accidents

When Lane Departures Cause Accidents

Have you ever been driving along the highway, only to suddenly feel your vehicle vibrate because you’ve drifted over the road surface markings? Thankfully these were there to guide you back into your lane and (hopefully) make you more focused on your steering. However, these types of mechanisms aren’t always in place, making many lane […]

Matt Cleary, Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer, for Klein Lawyers, LLP

The Law Denies ICBC Compensation To Designated Driver In Car Accident

Being a designated driver is obviously a responsible thing to do and prevents countless injuries and deaths caused by car accidents. However, a recent B.C. Supreme Court judgment, Felix v. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, 2014 BCSC 166, may discourage would-be designated drivers from offering a safe ride home to others. In that case, the […]

Proper headrest position

Correctly Adjusted Headrest Can Prohibit Severe Whiplash In A Car Accident

We know how important our pillow is to preventing neck strain, but the proper use of a well- engineered headrest can dramatically reduce the injury caused from whiplash in a car accident. Whiplash, also known as neck sprain or strain, is an injury to the soft tissues of the neck. It is caused by sudden […]

ICBC Car Accident Claims & Wage Loss: A Case Study

If you have been in a car accident in BC, have been injured and are unable to work you may be entitled to wage loss compensation. There are two types of categories of wage loss that we will discuss. Past Wage Loss Past wage loss is more properly seen as a combination of actual lost […]

Should You Have A Lawyer Present When You Meet With An ICBC Car Accident Adjuster?

If you have been in a car accident in BC, your first interactions post accident may be with the ICBC claims department. The interesting thing about car accident insurance in BC is that it is run by a monopoly. Although, you would think your adjuster is on your side, they are also on the side […]

Construction traffic in Vancouver

Top 5 Driving Tips To Avoid A Car Accident While Driving In Vancouver & The Lower Mainland

The headlines have been screaming weekly about hit and run accidents in Vancouver and the lower mainland, some of them fatal. Good driving skills and manners are universal, but each region in Canada has it’s own challenges when it comes to avoiding accidents. Here are 5 driving tips to keep you safe on Vancouver and […]

Saying sorry at the scene, via text

Saying Sorry At The Scene Of An Accident – Will It Affect My ICBC Claim?

Canadians are known to be polite, almost too polite. We apologize for everything. Even at the scene of a car accident, our first thoughts are to say sorry – even when it isn’t our fault. If you are in a car accident in BC that is not your fault, and you hop out of the […]

Five Things Not To Do When Settling An ICBC Claim

If you’ve been in a car accident in BC, you’ll find that dealing with ICBC is a fairly unique situation when settling your ICBC car accident claim. There are only three provinces in Canada (including BC) with a government run car insurance monopoly. This insurance system creates some challenges to anyone trying to settle their […]

ICBC Offered A Settlement, But How Much Is My ICBC Claim Worth?

Many people come to us and say “ICBC offered a settlement, but “how much is my ICBC claim worth“? It’s a million dollar question and in some car accident claims in British Columbia, it’s literally the answer too. But estimating the cash value of an ICBC claim is not an easy task, and not something […]

Slow Down & Move Over – Protecting BC Emergency Workers

Over 400 emergency workers in BC have been injured or killed on BC roads. The scene of a car accident is one of the most dangerous places for first responders such as police officers, fire and ambulance personnel, tow truck operators, special police constables, conservation officers and park rangers. It is disturbing to know that […]

school zone saftey

Who Has The Right-Of-Way – Pedestrians Or Cars?

In the Vancouver 24 News (April 17, 2013) last week, there was an awesome observation by Keri Potipcoe regarding the rights of pedestrians. As she states, technically a pedestrian does have the right of way, but is it common sense to just step off the curb in front of a car? Of course not. But […]

Car accident scene

Five Essential Things NOT To Do At The Scene Of A Car Accident

It is always good to be prepared for an accident. Having a checklist of action steps can help you know what is most important to do at a car-accident scene. But just as important, it is what you don’t do at the scene that can be most beneficial. As I posted last week, if anyone […]

Van in a ditch

The Single-Vehicle Accident And ICBC Coverage

A single vehicle collision or single-vehicle accident is a type of road traffic collision in which only one vehicle is involved. Included in this category are run-off-road collisions, collisions with fallen rocks or debris in the road, rollover crashes within the roadway, and collisions with animals. If you are involved in an accident of this […]