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Racism in the RCMP Class Action

Understanding the RCMP Racism Class Action Lawsuit

Police forces throughout North America have come under intense scrutiny for their treatment of race and ethnicity. Communities as well as those who work in law enforcement in both policing and non-policing roles are speaking out as concerns about systemic racism continue to mount. On July 7, 2020, Klein Lawyers filed a class action lawsuit […]

RCMP Female Non-Policing Class Action Settlment

Understanding the RCMP Female Non-Policing Settlement

Klein Lawyers is proud of its class action lawsuits to hold the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) accountable for gender and sexual orientation discrimination. For decades, female employees have been subject to discrimination and sexual harassment. This includes female officers of the RCMP as well as administrative workers, volunteers, and others in non-policing roles. In […]

Justice in Class Action Lawsuit

Top Class Action Cases in Canada

Class action lawsuits are very different from the kinds of legal cases you might hear about day to day. Instead of just one person suing, or a few people suing separately, for some kind of wrongdoing, class actions provide a way for an entire group of people who have suffered similar damages from the negligence […]


Troop 17 Scholarship Winners Announced

As a part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Harassment settlement, also known as the Merlo Davidson settlement, the RCMP has initiated a scholarship for students who have made significant contributions to the prevention of bullying and harassment in their schools and communities. The Troop 17 Scholarship recipients were recently announced. Klein Lawyers would like […]

B.C. announces new compensation for Woodlands survivors

British Columbia’s provincial government announced Saturday it is extending compensation to more survivors who endured systemic abuse at a provincial institution for those with developmental disabilities and mental illness.

Woodlands’ survivors promised $10,000 compensation by B.C. government

The B.C. government will be compensating f‪ormer residents and survivors of the Woodlands institution, following years of sexual, physical and psychological abuse reported by many who sought care there. ‬ ‪Survivors who attended the institution in New Westminster before Aug. 1, 1974 will receive $10,000 ex-gratia, Health Minister Adrian Dix announced Saturday. That means that […]

Woodlands’ survivors finally to receive redress from provincial government

In a press release dated March 31, 2018, the Office of the Premier Ministry of Health announced that former residents of Woodlands who attended the school before Aug. 1, 1974, will finally receive compensation for systemic abuse suffered at the provincial institution. “When I began working on this case in 2006, with the now-Minister Adrian Dix, […]

Woman says RCMP doctor ‘violated’ her during exam for potential recruits

As police in two provinces investigate a growing number of sexual misconduct allegations against RCMP doctors, a high-ranking member of the federal government says he’s keeping a close eye on the cases. Ross Lord reports. “Lawyer David Klein, whose firm is one of two representing female RCMP employees in a sexual harassment class action, said […]

‘Multiples of Dozens’ allege sex assault by RCMP doctor

A doctor is being accused of sexually assaulting multiple female RCMP officers — and women applying to join the force. The Nova Scotia doctor was an RCMP employee may have assaulted dozens of women during medical exams. Ross Lord reports.

“Carriage” Of A Class Action – What Is It?

Recently, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice favoured Klein Lawyers, over competing law firms, awarding Klein Lawyers, “carriage” of Zimmer Durom hip implant class action litigation in Ontario. The Court decided that Klein Lawyers, was the best law firm positioned to advance the interests of people injured by the Zimmer Durom hip implant. The Court […]

Contingency Fees And Class Actions Make Legal Services Affordable For Canadians

The system is expensive – the civil justice system that is. When I first started practicing law, some 30 years ago, I used to joke that I couldn’t afford to hire myself. Legal services are notoriously expensive. Most of our clients wouldn’t be able to hire us but for two important features of the Canadian […]