Unfair Distributions

“Mom always liked you best!” may seem like a petty comment between siblings but unfortunately, this can become a problem when it comes to wills. Whether it be that a parent transfers gifts or assets to a child while alive, or a child was supposed to share such assets of the estate with other beneficiaries, when unfair distributions occur in the estate process, there may be a need for wills variation. Klein Lawyers explains.

Unfair Distributions in Wills Variation Cases

What Are Unfair Distributions?

The Wills, Estates and Succession Act regulates estate distributions to ensure that adequate provisions are made for the care and maintenance of loved ones. In addition, the Act also  examines wills that only benefit certain family members while others were excluded or treated unfairly. The act of favoring one family member over another within a will is known as unfair distribution.

In these cases of unfair distributions, wills variation is likely needed.

When examining unfair distributions, the courts will review the specific situation of the family. In general, this would be like in the above example:a parent transferring assets to one sibling while alive, then dividing the remainder of the estate equally within the will. For the child who received those transferred assets and then received more within the will, they would have a significantly larger portion of the estate than other siblings.

It is important to note that unfair distributions are different from “significantly unfair” distributions as the latter is used to describe the division of marital assets in a divorce.

Time Limitations on Unfair Distribution Claims

If you have a claim of unfair distribution and need wills variation, you must act promptly. You have within 180 days of probate being granted by the court to seek a variation.

Remember, even if the will was drafted legally, as a spouse or child of the deceased, you have certain rights with respect to the division of the estate.

When Unfair Distributions Are Not Actually Unfair

While it may seem like one person is getting a significant amount of the estate, it is critical to take into account situations where the division is still just. For example, if one child was taking care of the deceased prior to death, while the other was not involved in the care and finances of the parent, the court may decide that a will giving more to the caretaking child is just.

But having documentation will be paramount in these types of wills variation claims. Keeping records of expenses, visits, etc. will strengthen the case.

Unfair Distributions: Klein Lawyers Wills Variation 

You would hope that families don’t pick favorites with their children. . But sometimes they do. In cases where unfair distributions occur within a will, challenging the will may become necessary.

It can be a challenging process, but one that is needed when unfair distributions arise. Having a wills variation lawyer by your side to navigate the legal process will be critical to winning the maintenance and support you rightfully deserve.

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