How much will a lawyer cost?

Like many people in Vancouver and other areas of British Columbia, you plan for certain expenses. You may set a budget each month for your housing, food, transportation, education and other costs. However, you don’t plan to get into a car accident – or to handle the many costs that a crash suddenly brings into your life.

At Klein Lawyers, we understand the challenges that you and your family face after a car accident. We don’t want concerns about paying for a lawyer to add to your stress. That is why we offer our No Fee Guarantee.

With our No Fee Guarantee, you won’t suddenly find yourself having to pay legal fees. Instead, we will handle all upfront expenses involved with your personal injury or wrongful death case, and we will charge legal fees only if we obtain an ICBC settlement or court award for you.

It All Starts with an ICBC Lawyers Free Consultation

We offer free initial consultations because we want to encourage you to talk with a lawyer about your car accident. You deserve to learn more about your rights, your legal options and the important role that a lawyer can play in seeking a maximum financial recovery for you.

You have no reason to be nervous about the consultation. When you meet with Klein Lawyers about your case, we will simply want to know more about how your auto accident happened. We also will want to understand how your injuries have impacted your life. For instance:

We also will want to know what stage you are at in your case. Our questions may include:

  • Have you reported your crash to ICBC?
  • Did you file an ICBC accident claim for no-fault benefits?
  • Has ICBC offered you a settlement?

Of course, you should feel free to ask us questions. For example, you may want to ask about our experience and our approach to serving clients. You may also want learn more about how the ICBC claims process works, the types of compensation you can recover and how long a case may take. We can provide full answers to all of your questions.

How Much Are ICBC Lawyer Fees? How Our No Fee Guarantee Works

At the end of your consultation, you will be under no obligation to hire Klein Lawyers. However, if we agree to work together, then we will move on to describe how our No Fee Guarantee works. As you will find, it is a very straightforward process.

We will not charge you a flat fee, retainer or hourly rate to handle your motor vehicle accident case. Instead, we will charge you a contingency fee. In other words, our lawyer fees will be contingent on the success of your case.

If we obtain a settlement or judgment for you, then you will pay our legal fees. If we do not, then you will pay nothing.

If we secure an award for you, our legal costs will represent a percentage of the amount that you recover. Under Law Society of British Columbia Rules, the maximum amount that a lawyer can charge in a motor vehicle accident-related personal injury or wrongful death claim is 33.3 percent of the total award. At the outset of your representation, we will agree on the percentage cost in your case.

At Klein Lawyers, we believe that our No Fee Guarantee offers many benefits, including:

  • We assume the risk. In that sense, we will be motivated to work hard for you and to pursue the maximum amount in your case.
  • You gain peace of mind. You can be assured that we will be working diligently for you, and you will have no surprises about your legal fees.

Ultimately, we believe that a contingency fee agreement allows you to focus on your health and your family while Klein Lawyers focuses on pursuing a positive outcome for you.

How Hiring an ICBC Lawyer Will Make a Difference for Me

ICBC will try to pay the least amount possible to resolve your claim. This is why you should have an experienced Vancouver car accident lawyer on your side. The lawyer will protect your rights and provide a broad range of services that are aimed at recovering the maximum amount for you. Although you will have to pay for a lawyer, your net financial recovery should be higher, and you will find that hiring a lawyer was worth the cost of the attorney.

For instance, when you hire Klein Lawyers, we will provide:

  • A thorough investigation of your motor vehicle accident. With more than 20 years of experience with handling ICBC claims, we know the importance of conducting a comprehensive investigation. Our legal team can examine the crash scene and the vehicles involved in the collision, collect witness statements and gather other evidence that establishes your right to compensation. We may also work with engineers and accident reconstruction experts. Additionally, we will explore all sources of compensation available to you such as no-fault benefits, a tort claim, uninsured motorist coverage, hit-and-run coverage and more.
  • A comprehensive review of your injuries. We will obtain your medical records and consult with medical experts to determine the nature and extent of your injuries and how they impact your ability to work and enjoy life. We can also determine the medical care you will need as you move forward in life.
  • Timely, professional handling of all paperwork. We will file on your behalf all required paperwork with ICBC and/or the Supreme Court of British Columbia. We will make sure that you meet all deadlines in the ICBC claims process.
  • Direct negotiation with ICBC. We will present a solidly prepared case to ICBC and aggressively pursue an ICBC settlement that provides the funds you deserve.
  • If necessary, skillful presentation of your case in court. In some cases, ICBC will challenge liability or contest the amount sought in a claim. Our experienced trial lawyers have a long record of success. We will be ready to argue your case effectively in court.

Additionally, throughout your case, Klein Lawyers will make sure you know what is happening with your ICBC claim. We will always be available to answer your questions.

Contact Our ICBC Injury Claims Lawyers Today

If you were injured in a car accident in Vancouver or elsewhere in B.C., or if you have lost a loved one in an accident, Klein Lawyers wants to help you. Contact us today for a free consultation and learn more about our No Fee Guarantee and the services we can provide to you.