Canadian Hockey League Class Action
Canadian Hockey League Concussion and Serious Injury Epidemic

Canadian Hockey League Serious Injury Class Action

CFL Injury Lawyers

Hockey players are among those who are at risk for sustaining head trauma repeatedly over the course of a season. Even mild concussions can produce symptoms including headaches, memory loss, concentration difficulties, and balance problems. While sustaining even one concussion can be serious, the implications of sustaining multiple head injuries can be catastrophic.

Filing a Class Action Lawsuit Against CHL, and Hockey Canada

The claim stresses the CHL, and Hockey Canada should have known that multiple instances of untreated head trauma would lead to long-term injuries. It is being filed on behalf of any and all former CHL players who suffered an injury as a result of severe head trauma – including concussive and subconcussive impacts. Compensation is being sought for personal and physical injury, psychological injuries, out-of-pocket medical expenses, and loss of past and future income.

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