Landmark Cases
Learn about some significant class action cases with which our firm was involved.

Klein Lawyers is one of the pioneers of class actions in Canada. David Klein, the managing partner, was instrumental in paving the way for class actions to be pursued in British Columbia and litigated the first class action in the province, Harrington v. Dow Corning Corp. (silicone breast implants). Since then, the firm has continued to litigate landmark cases across the country. Below are some of the landmark cases Klein Lawyers has worked on:

Merlo v. Canada, (harassment and discrimination in the RCMP workplace)

Riddle v. Canada (loss of culture of Indigenous persons – Sixties Scoop)

Park v. Nongshim Co Ltd (price fixing of Korean ramen noodles)

McLean v. Canada, (class counsel fee approval – Indian Day Schools

Harrington v. Dow Corning Corp. (silicone breast implants)

Killough v. Canadian Red Cross Society (hepatitis C tainted blood)

Fischer v. Delgratia Mining Corp. (securities misrepresentation)

Pausche v. B.C. Hydro et al. (hydro dam flood)

Delf v. Merit Energy Ltd. (securities misrepresentation)

10 July 2000, Calgary Action No. 0001-01899 (Alta. Q.B.)

Knudsen v. Consolidated Food Brands Inc. (e-coli outbreak from tainted meat products)

Pearson v. Boliden Ltd. (securities misrepresentation)

Wilson v. Servier Canada Inc. (harmful diet drugs – Pondamin and Redux)

Dalhuisen v. Maxim’s Bakery Ltd. (salmonella food poisoning outbreak)

Williams v. College Pension Board of Trustees (pension surplus)

Andrews v. Air Canada and Air Canada Regional Inc. dba AirBC (retiree benefits)

26 February 2003, Vancouver Registry S014582 (B.C.S.C.)

Fakhri v. Alfalfa’s Canada Inc. (c.o.b. Capers Community Markets) (hepatitis A food poisoning outbreak)

Lamb v. Bayer Inc. (defective cholesterol medication – Baycol)

Young v. Shell Canada Ltd. (faulty fuel additive)

12 December 2003, Vancouver Registry L021060 (B.C.S.C.)

Pinkson v. Shell Canada Ltd. (faulty fuel additive)

[2004] O.J. No. 42

Lieberman v. Business Development Bank of Canada (pension surplus)

Pardy v. Bayer Inc. (defective cholesterol medication – Baycol)

Walls v. Bayer Inc. (defective cholesterol medication – Baycol)

Knight v. Imperial Tobacco Canada Limited (deceptive marketing of light cigarettes)

Rideout v. Health Labrador Corp. (failure to sterilize medical instruments)

Ruddell v. B.C. Rail Ltd. (pension surplus)

T.L. v. Alberta (Director of Child Welfare) (failure to make injury claims)

Jeffery v. Nortel Networks (securities misrepresentation)

Bellan v. Curtis et al. (securities misrepresentation)

Birrell v. Providence Health Care Society (failure to sterilize transplant tissue)

Richard v. HMTQ (institutional abuse of disabled children)

Stanway v. Wyeth Canada Inc.(hormone replacement therapy)

Chalmers v. AMO Canada Company (contaminated contact lens solution)

Doucette v. Eastern Health (inaccurate cancer tests)

Schroeder v. DJO Canada (pain pumps)

Jones v. Zimmer (defective hip implants)

Miller v. Merck Frosst (sexual dysfunction caused by hair loss drug)

Logan v. Dermatech (defective dermal filler)

Bartram v. GlaxoSmithKline (Paxil Birth Defects)