Left-Turning Vehicle

Whether you are a new driver or one with a lot of experience, it is vital to always be aware of which car has the right of way at stop signs, lights, intersections and in uncontrolled areas.

Motor Vehicle Rules: Left Turns

A general rule is that left-turning vehicles go last. That is, if you are turning left, you must yield the right of way to cars traveling straight and cars that are turning right. This is especially true in cases when two or more cars come to an intersection at the same time. A left-turning vehicle is usually considered primarily at fault if colliding with a car that is traveling straight ahead at either a controlled or uncontrolled intersection unless excessive speed by the oncoming vehicle was a factor.

If you are involved in an accident with a left-turning vehicle, unless an injury leaves you unable to do so, immediately make notes about the relevant details of the crash, including which direction the cars were travelling at the time, the approximate speed of all vehicles involved and any comments regarding distance, signalling and so forth. This information could be helpful to accident investigators, insurance adjusters, and legal counsel.

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