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Settled Case
Air Canada Airliner


Klein Lawyers, in conjunction with Hanson Wirsig Matheos has filed class actions in British Columbia and Ontario against Air Canada and Air Canada Regional Inc.d.b.a. AIRBC on behalf of retired and former employees whose severance or retirement packages were unilaterally changed by Air Canada and/or AIRBC.

The plaintiffs in this action are part of a group of former Canadian Airlines and AIRBC employees who qualified for travel benefits under the airlines’ Factor 60/70 program. These were employees who each had combined age and years of service of 60 or 70 with a minimum of 10 years service with the airline.

Air Canada acquired operational control of Canadian Airlines in January 2000 and thereby became responsible for its liabilities and obligations, however, in September 2000 they unilaterally changed the contractual obligations of the retirement and severance packages.

These class actions have been settled through the Air Canada insolvency process. Class members’ interline travel benefits have been restored. As well, damages were awarded to the class for the past loss of interline benefits and for the loss of ancillary benefits. Distribution of the settlement proceeds to class members is being conducted by:

Ratcliff & Company LLP
Barristers and Solicitors
Suite 500, 221 West Esplanade
North Vancouver, B.C.
V7M 3J3

Phone: 604-988-5201
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For further information about the settlement and the distribution to class members, please contact Ratcliffe and Company.