Understanding the RCMP Racism Class Action Lawsuit

Racism in the RCMP Class Action

Police forces throughout North America have come under intense scrutiny for their treatment of race and ethnicity. Communities as well as those who work in law enforcement in both policing and non-policing roles are speaking out as concerns about systemic racism continue to mount.

On July 7, 2020, Klein Lawyers filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of racialized employees of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) who experienced racial discrimination and harassment. The RCMP racism class action seeks damages for rights violations, healthcare expenses, and other costs incurred by racialized individuals in policing and non-policing roles.

If you are a racialized individual and work, or have worked, with the RCMP, and you were subjected to systemic racism, learn how Klein Lawyers can help. Call (604) 874-7171 today for a free consultation. We are representing claimants throughout Canada in this class action.

What Constitutes Systemic Racism?

Systemic racism is a complex issue affecting many institutions and elements of society. As it applies to class action litigation against the RCMP, it involves fostering a culture where prejudice against racialized minorities was tolerated. This has resulted in widespread:

  • Racist comments and remarks
  • Discrimination based on race, colour, religion, and national and ethnic origin, both against employees of the RCMP and prospective applicants
  • Harassment of racialized minorities and indigenous peoples
  • Racially motivated threats, abuse, and assault
  • Wage discrimination
  • Isolation and segregation of racialized individuals
  • Double standards in the assignment of job duties, promotions, and commendations
  • Failure and refusal to investigate claims of discrimination and harassment

Margorie Hudson, the plaintiff in the claim filed by Klein Lawyers, served in the RCMP from 1979 to 2009. She was the first female aboriginal status member in Manitoba to be part of the RCMP. During her 30 years of service, she experienced ongoing harassment and discrimination at the hands of non-racialized colleagues and management. She witnessed the same treatment of other racialized individuals serving in the RCMP.

Those who attempt to report discrimination, harassment, and abuse, such as Margorie Hudson, suffer retaliation, are threatened with transfer, or advised to leave the RCMP.

Some racialized individuals in the RCMP have been denied opportunities for employment, career growth and enrichment, and advancement. Many individuals are forced into early retirement, depriving them of income and reducing the amount of their pension. In some cases, their ability to seek other employment has been hindered due to disabling conditions developed in the toxic environment allowed by the RCMP.

Do I Have a Claim?

If you are a racialized individual who currently works or formerly worked with the RCMP and you suffered racial discrimination, harassment, or abuse, please complete our online form. This form is 100% secure and confidential, and a member of our team will respond to you promptly.

This claim is currently in progress, so please keep an eye on our Current Class Actions page for any updates.

What Are the Other RCMP Class Actions?

Klein Lawyers settled two class actions against RCMP, Merlo-Davidson and Tiller, before filing this third class action against the RCMP for racism.

The first RCMP class action (“Merlo-Davidson”) was filed on behalf of female RCMP members, Civilian members and Public Service Employees working within the RCMP. Class members were eligible for compensation as a result of gender or sexual orientation-based harassment while working for the RCMP. The case settled in 2017, and the claims period ended in May 2018. It is no longer possible to join this class action.

The Female Non-Policing RCMP Class Action (“Tiller”), the second class action, was filed on behalf of female non-policing RCMP members. The class action settled in 2019, and the claims period is ongoing. If you were subjected to gender-based harassment or discrimination any time between September 16, 1974 to July 5, 2019, and worked in a non-policing role with the RCMP, you may qualify for compensation. Find out if you qualify for compensation here.

In comparison, the third RCMP class action, the RCMP Racism Class Action, is filed on behalf of racialized individuals who currently work or formerly worked for or with the RCMP. This includes all female and male RCMP members and non-policing RCMP members. Ms. Hudson  alleges the RCMP subjected racialized individuals to systemic racism within the force.

If I Qualified for Merlo-Davidson or Qualify for Tiller, Can I Qualify for the RCMP Racism Class Action? 

Yes. If you qualified for compensation under the Merlo-Davidson class action or qualify for compensation under the Tiller class action,  you may qualify for the RCMP Racism class action. To qualify for more than one class action, you must have been subjected to both gender or sexual orientation-based harassment and systemic racism while working with or for the RCMP.

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One of our most recent victories was a major settlement in a class action against the RCMP for discrimination and harassment of females in non-policing roles. We also achieved a historic settlement in a separate class action against the RCMP for discrimination and harassment of females in policing roles.

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