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feet of man walking over uneven threshold in a dangerous building

Can I Claim Compensation for a Trip and Fall?

The Occupiers Liability Act is the legislation in British Columbia that establishes the duties of property owners and occupiers as they apply to ensuring the safety of people on their premises. Another applicable British Columbia statute, the Negligence Act, specifies how damages are awarded to people who suffer injury due to dangerous conditions, activities, and/or […]

doctor filling out patient records

Causation: Basic Principles in Medical Negligence

Medical negligence cases present a myriad of inherent complexities and challenges for the plaintiff. One of the essential elements a plaintiff must establish is causation. Causation is the direct relationship between the defendant’s negligence and the injury to the plaintiff. The question that must be answered is: Did the defendant’s breach of the standard of […]

elderly woman injured after fall on concrete steps

What Should I Do If I Have Been Hurt on Someone Else’s Property?

You have rights if you suffered an injury owned and/or occupied by someone else. In British Columbia, personal injury claims on dangerous premises are governed by the Occupiers Liability Act. Occupiers’ liability claims are complicated and can be difficult to handle on your own. Generally, it is in your best interest to consult a knowledgeable […]

female doctor comforting female patient after bad news

How Do You Determine If You Have a Case for Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice cases involve their own unique sets of circumstances, facts, and parties. No two cases are identical. Assessing whether or not a case has merit is a difficult and complicated process. Because of the nature of medical malpractice cases, both a legal and medical analysis are required in order to not only assess the […]

doctor holding form labelled 'Informed Consent' for patient to sign

The Evolution of the Law of Informed Consent

The concept of consent in the medical field has evolved considerably. The Britannica Dictionary defines consent as, “to agree to do or allow something: to give permission for something to happen or be done.” In medical and legal contexts, the concept of consent addresses the complexities of the doctor-patient relationship and the responsibility placed on […]