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Can You Contest an Unfair Will in British Columbia? | Klein Lawyers

British Columbia Will Contested Because It’s “Unfair”

In British Columbia, a will may be contested if the will-maker did not leave adequate provisions for their spouse and children. In addition, the Wills, Estates and Succession Act (WESA) recognizes the moral obligation of a testator to provide for the maintenance and support of a spouse and children. Typically, the courts will review the […]

Who Has the Right to Challenge a Will? | Klein Lawyers

Who Can Contest a Will in British Columbia?

Most people do all they can to take care of their loved ones. This mindset applies in preparing for death as well as in life. Making a will is an important step of providing support to family members in the event of one’s passing. Unfortunately, some wills fail to make adequate provision for loved ones […]

New No-Fault Auto Insurance in British Columbia | Klein Lawyers

What Is No-Fault Insurance in British Columbia?

The launch of the no-fault auto insurance scheme on May 1 brought a number of changes to the process of filing a claim after a motor vehicle accident in British Columbia. Unfortunately, the majority of these changes are unfavourable for those who have been injured in accidents, including drivers and pedestrians. Motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists […]

Why Motives Matter in Disinheritance Disputes | Klein Lawyers

Twins Abandoned & Disinherited By Father Awarded 70% of His Estate

Bitterness will get you nowhere, especially when the person you are bitter with has already passed away. A father of twins was bitter that a custody battle didn’t go his way. Accordingly, he specifically disinherited his twins. The twins took the disinheritance to court – they were awarded 70 percent of his estate by a […]

How You Can Identify Medical Negligence | Klein Lawyers

Do I Have a Case for Medical Negligence?

Mistakes in a healthcare setting can have dire consequences. Patients may suffer new and more severe medical issues, complications, declining health, and even death due to errors on the part of doctors and other providers. If you or a family member suffered harm due to medical negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. You should […]