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When Should You Be Suspicious of a Will? | Klein Lawyers

Suspicious Circumstances When Making a Will

You may believe that because a will meets British Columbia’s validity rules, that it must be accepted by the court. But what happens when the “technical” aspects of the will’s creation add up, but something still doesn’t seem right? Here is what you need to know about suspicious circumstances when a will is made. What […]

Suing a Hospital for Misdiagnosis Malpractice | Klein Lawyers

Can You Sue a Hospital for Misdiagnosis?

Hospitals care for a high volume of patients. Doctors, nurses, and other staff are required to handle a wide variety of patient illnesses, injuries, and complaints, from medical emergencies to chronic disease. We expect hospitals and the people who work there to maintain a high level of care, accurately diagnosing our ailments and providing proper […]

When Can Families Dispute a Bequest in a Will? | Klein Lawyers

When The Family Doesn’t Agree with a Bequest

In November 2020, a Vancouver family contested in court a bequest made in their great-aunt’s will in favour of the SPCA. The deceased, Eleena Murray, had created a will written in 2003 that granted the B.C. SPCA the residue of her estate (money left over after assets of the deceased are liquidated, and all the […]

Navigation of Conflicting Interests in Wills Variation | Klein Lawyers

How Competing Interests in a Deceased Estate Are Determined

We know that in British Columbia estate litigation, the executor of the deceased’s estate must be impartial. However, when the executor of a will is biased or has a conflict of interest, issues may arise, especially in cases of wills variation. The estate litigation lawyers of Klein Lawyers explain. Biased Executors and Estate Litigation When […]

Home Values and Unfair Distribution Claims | Klein Lawyers

Families Contesting Wills Amid Rising House Prices Becomes Common in Vancouver

COVID-19 has impacted yet another aspect of life – the Vancouver housing market. According to CBC News, “The average selling price of a detached home in Greater Vancouver rose for the sixth straight month in January, the first time that had happened since 2013.” This increase in housing prices has caused an uptick in family […]