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Wills Variation When Pets Are Involved | Klein Lawyers

Fido Was Left Everything? How to Undergo Wills Variation When Pets Are Involved

We all know a pet owner who treats their four-legged friend as a child. But when the pet owner leaves Fido everything and their children and spouse nothing, what can be done? While these situations are not common, it doesn’t mean they don’t or won’t happen. Klein Lawyers explains your rights in a wills variation […]

Interpretation and Construction of Wills in BC | Klein Lawyers

Interpreting Wills In British Columbia Under the WESA

When the court interprets a will, they are attempting to find the will-maker’s subjective intention by examining the words he or she used. However, when the court is unable to determine the will-maker’s intentions, they will undergo construction, which is the “application of various rules and presumptions that the court may apply if the court […]

Understanding the Canadian Medical Protective Association | Klein Lawyers

What Is the CMPA?

Medical malpractice is a complex area of law. The science underlying claims of medical negligence can make it difficult for patients to prove (a) that an error occurred and (b) that the error resulted in injury. However, perhaps the more serious obstacle to recovering fair compensation for medical malpractice is the aggressive defence mounted on […]

Wills Variation Statute of Limitations in BC | Klein Lawyers

Statute of Limitations of Contesting a British Columbia Will

There are a number of reasons why a family may choose to contest a will. But no matter the reason, the wills variation process is not always straightforward–and you are always on a limited timeframe. It’s important to know the statute of limitations of contesting a British Columbia will–and Klein Lawyers can help. The Will […]

What Does the Executor of an Estate Do? | Klein Lawyers

Your Role as the Estate, Will Executor in British Columbia

Wills in British Columbia typically name an executor or an administrator to be responsible for carrying out the instructions of the will. Though the executor or administrator may be one person, in some cases it may be several people. But what is your role as the will executor? Klein Lawyers explains. Executor Roles As the […]