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tripping hazards on the outside of a home

Are Homeowners Liable for Trip and Falls?

A trip and fall lawyer can help you take legal action if you are injured on property owned and/or occupied by others through no fault of your own. However, it can be difficult to know what your legal rights are in the immediate aftermath of an injury. This is especially true when you trip and […]

Caution: Tripping Hazard sign on wall

Key Evidence in Trip and Fall Cases

Key evidence is necessary for a plaintiff to prove that their trip and fall incident was the result of a property owner’s negligence. If you have been injured in a trip and fall accident, you should contact an experienced trial lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer will immediately begin gathering evidence from a variety […]

gavel resting on stand in front of shelf with law books

How Is a Class Action Lawsuit Different from a ‘Mass Tort’?

David Klein was the first lawyer to get a class action lawsuit certified in British Columbia. Since that time, Klein Lawyers has been a leading firm in class action litigation. Class action lawsuits make it possible for multiple plaintiffs who have been harmed by a defendant or multiple defendants’ negligence to recover compensation without the […]

female doctor consulting with young female patient

Duty of Care – The Doctor-Patient Relationship

The relationship between a patient and their doctor requires mutual respect, trust, and honesty. The goal of the relationship is often to improve or maintain the health of the patient. Therefore, not only is the relationship incredibly important, but it must also be one of collaboration and provide an understanding of both the patient’s expectations […]

female patient refusing medication from a doctor

What to Do If a Doctor Overlooks a Known Drug Allergy

Severe allergic reaction to medication is classified as a “never event.” In the medical profession, never events are preventable errors that can seriously harm patients and even result in the death of a patient. A medical malpractice lawyer can evaluate the circumstances of an adverse medication reaction to determine if a doctor or other medical […]