Weather & Road Conditions

Weather Related Accidents in Vancouver

British Columbia has many weather systems moving through carrying high volumes of rain or heavy snow causing slippery or slushy pavement. Any driver operating a vehicle in Vancouver or any location in the province must be aware of the risks of traveling too fast for the current weather hazards. Road construction can pose a risk if a driver is not paying attention, and there is the danger posed in our rural areas by wildlife entering a road or highway.

Negligent driving behaviour such as driving too fast for the road conditions has led to many injury and fatal accidents throughout the province, and is one of the most dangerous of all driving behaviours. In rain or snow and in icy conditions, it is imperative that the driver of any vehicle slows down. Statistics for 2013 reveal the high numbers of car accidents caused by drivers who go too fast for the current weather or road conditions.

Driving Too Fast for Weather Conditions

ICBC reports that there is a 5-year average of 46 deaths per year from motorists who are operating a vehicle too fast for the poor driving conditions. The majority of the fatalities from car accidents due to weather conditions took place in the Southern Interior, with 24 fatalities in 2013.

Speeding is established as being the number one cause of fatal injury accidents in B.C. The peak months for these types of crashes begin in October, with an average of 121 vehicle crashes that result in injuries or deaths, and by December, the numbers double to 234 injuries or deaths in that month, on average.

Travelling at an unsafe speed does not allow the driver time to come to a safe stop, or to manage issues such as hitting a patch of black ice or avoiding pedestrians. These negligent drivers pose a serious risk to all others sharing the road or highway, and are often the reason behind multi-car accidents, pileups or rear-end collisions.

How We Can Help: ICBC Settlements

After a serious accident in which you were injured, you have the right to legal representation. ICBC is obligated to pay a fair settlement, but will always attempt to pay out the least possible, based upon their internal guidelines and rules. How your case is presented is a critical point in the final outcome and the value of your settlement. Our firm can conduct an independent accident investigation and get to the facts. If you were injured by a driver who was operating his or her vehicle too fast for the road conditions, we can help you. Call Klein Lawyers today and speak with us about your weather related accident. We know how to present a case that is fully documented and meets the requirements of the agency. Our firm is committed, smart and has recovered many high value settlements. Call us today.


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